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Digital UNIX Diffs - exec(5)			  Digital UNIX Diffs - exec(5)

       exec, execl, execle, execlp, execv, execve, execvp -  Executes a file

	Standard C Library (libc.a): execlp(), execvp()

       #include <unistd.h> extern char ∗∗environ; int execl (
	       const char ∗path,
	       const char ∗arg,
	       ...  ); int execv (
	       const char ∗path,
	       char ∗ const argv[ ] );
       int execle (
	       const char ∗path,
	       const char ∗arg,
	       char ∗ const envp[ ] );
       int execve (
	       const char ∗path,
	       char ∗ const argv[ ],
	       char ∗ const envp[ ] );
       int execlp (
	       const char ∗file,
	       const char ∗arg,
	       ... );
       int execvp (
	       const char ∗file,
	       char ∗ const argv[ ] );

       Points to a pathname identifying the new process image file.  Specifies
       a pointer to a null-terminated string.  Specifies an array of character
       pointers	 to  null-terminated strings, constituting the environment for
       the new process.	 Identifies the new process image file.

       vms-process(5): OpenVMS Process Model Differences

       exec(2) functions used in conjunction with vfork(2)  on	OpenVMS	 simu‐
       lates  vfork(2)	or fork(2) used with an exec function on Digital UNIX.
       The pair of functions create and initialize a new process running a new
       image.	On  UNIX,  fork	 creates a new process running the same image.
       exec then causes a process to run another  image.   On  OpenVMS,	 vfork
       prepares	 to  run  a  new  program  while an exec function starts a new
       process running a new program.

       The characteristics of the newly created process also  differs  between
       the  2 operating systems.  Whereas the process created by the UNIX fork
       is identical to its parent, on OpenVMS the newly created	 process  only
       shares  some  of its parent characteristics.  Characteristics passed to
       the child on OpenVMS include: parent's umask, open filenames and	 posi‐
       tions, SIG_IGN signal actions (not SIG_DFL), environment variables, and
       argument vectors.  The list of inherited attributes on UNIX are	listed
       in fork(2).

       exec(2) functions on OpenVMS are limited to using images created by DEC
       C since they rely on special initialization  routines  to  enable  UNIX
       like process communication not normally used by processes on OpenVMS.

       vms-files(5): OpenVMS File System Differences

       The syntax of image file path or file is different on UNIX and OpenVMS.

       Functions:  vfork(2), execl(2)

	vms-process(5), vms-files(5)

       delim off

						  Digital UNIX Diffs - exec(5)

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