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EVS_JOIN(3)	  Corosync Cluster Engine Programmer's Manual	   EVS_JOIN(3)

       evs_join - Joins one or more groups in the EVS library

       #include <corosync/evs.h>

       int    evs_join(evs_handle_t    handle,	  evs_group_t	*groups,   int

       The evs_join function is used to join one or more groups.  When a group
       is joined, using the evs_mcast_joined(3) function will multicast to the
       groups joined in the argument handle.  Messages that are sent to any of
       the groups joined to the parameter handle will be delivered by evs_dis‐

       This call may be used more then once on a handle,  in  which  case  the
       joined groups will be all of the groups passed to the evs_join(3) func‐
       tion during the lifecycle of the parameter handle.

       The argument groups is used to specify the groups to join.  A group  is
       a  32 byte key.	The key is not a string, hence, the entire key is used
       when joining the channel.  For that reason the entire group  should  be

       The  argument  group_entries  specifies how many entries are located in
       the groups argument.

       The groups argument is of the type evs_group_t which is defined by  the

	      typedef struct {
		      char key[32];
	      } evs_groups_t;

       This call returns the EVS_OK value if successful, otherwise an error is

       The errors are undocumented.

       evs_overview(8),	 evs_initialize(3),  evs_finalize(3),	evs_fd_get(3),
       evs_dispatch(3),		  evs_leave(3),		  evs_mcast_joined(3),
       evs_mcast_groups(3), evs_membership_get(3) evs_context_get(3)  evs_con‐

corosync Man Page		  2004-08-31			   EVS_JOIN(3)

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