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endservent(3)							 endservent(3)

       endservent, endservent_r - Close the network services database file.

       #include <netdb.h>

       void endservent(
	       void );

       [Tru64  UNIX]  The following function is supported in order to maintain
       backward compatibility with previous versions of the operating  system.
       void endservent_r(
	       struct servent_data *serv_data );

       Standard C Library (libc)

       Interfaces  documented on this reference page conform to industry stan‐
       dards as follows:

       endservent():  XNS4.0, XNS5.0

       Refer to the standards(5) reference page	 for  more  information	 about
       industry standards and associated tags.

       [Tru64  UNIX]  For endservent_r() only, this is data for services data‐

       The endservent() function closes either the local /etc/services file or
       the  NIS	 distributed services file, previously opened with the getser‐
       vent(), getservbyname(),	 or  getservbyport()  function.	 To  determine
       which  file or files to search, and in which order, the system uses the
       switches in the /etc/svc.conf file.

       [Tru64 UNIX]  If the most recent setservent()  function	was  performed
       with  a	nonzero parameter, a subsequent endservent() function will not
       close the network services database file.

       [Tru64 UNIX]  The endservent_r() function is the reentrant  version  of
       the  endservent() function.  It is supported in order to maintain back‐
       ward compatibility with previous versions of the operating system.  The
       netdb.h header file defines the serv_data structure.

       Current	industry  standards do not define error values for the endser‐
       vent() function.

       [Tru64 UNIX]  If the endservent_r() function fails, errno  may  be  set
       to: serv_data is NULL.

       Contains	 service  names.  The database service selection configuration

       Functions: getservent(3), getservbyname(3),  getservbyport(3),  setser‐

       Files: services(4), svc.conf(4).

       Networks: nis_intro(7).

       Standards: standards(5).

       Network Programmer's Guide


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