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getrpcent(3)							  getrpcent(3)

       getrpcent, getrpcbynumber, getrpcbyname, setrpcent, endrpcent - get rpc

       #include </rpc/netdb.h>

       struct rpcent *getrpcent(void ); struct rpcent *getrpcbynumber(int num‐
       ber  );	struct	rpcent	*getrpcbyname(char *name ); void setrpcent(int
       stayopen ); void endrpcent(void );

       Standard C Library (libc.so, libc.a)

       The getrpcent(), getrpcbynumber(), and getrpcbyname() functions	return
       pointers	 to an object with the following structure containing the bro‐
       ken-out fields of a line in the rpc database:

       struct  rpcent {		      /* see getrpcent(3) */
	       char    *r_name;
	       char    **r_aliases;   /* alias list */
	       int     r_number;      /* rpc program number */ }; struct group
       *getrpcent(), *getrpcbynumber(), *getrpcbyname();

       The  members of this structure are: The name of the rpc.	 A zero-termi‐
       nated list of alternate names for the rpc.  The rpc program number  for
       the rpc.

       If  the	stayopen option on the setrpcent() subroutine is null, the rpc
       database is opened. Otherwise, setrpcent() has the effect of  rewinding
       the rpc database. The endrpcent() subroutine may be called to close the
       rpc file when processing is complete.

       The getrpcent() subroutine simply  reads	 the  next  line  while	 getr‐
       pcbynumber()  and getrpcbyname() search until a matching gid or name is
       found (or until EOF is encountered). The getrpcent() subroutine keeps a
       pointer in the database, allowing successive calls to be used to search
       the entire file.

       A call to setrpcent() must be made before a  while  loop	 using	getrp‐
       cent()  in  order  to perform initialization and an endrpcent() must be
       used after the loop.  Both  getrpcbynumber()  and  getrpcbyname()  make
       calls to setrpcent() and endrpcent().

       The  getrpcent(), getrpcbynumber(), and getrpcbyname() functions return
       pointers to thread-specific data. Subsequent calls to  these  functions
       from the same thread overwrite this data.

       If  NIS	(formerly  YP)	is  running,  getrpcent()  does not return the
       entries in any particular order. See the Network	 Administration:  Ser‐
       vices for NIS setup information.

       The  rpc information is stored locally in /etc/rpc or is distributed by
       NIS, or both. To determine which file or files to search, and in	 which
       order, the system uses the switches in the /etc/svc.conf file.

       A null pointer (0) is returned on EOF or error.


       rpc(4), svc.conf(4)


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