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       endprotoent, getprotobynumber, getprotobyname, getprotoent, setprotoent
       - network protocol database functions

       cc [ flag ... ] file ... -lxnet [ library ... ]
       #include <netdb.h>

       void endprotoent(void)

       struct protoent *getprotobyname(const char *name);

       struct protoent *getprotobynumber(int proto);

       struct protoent *getprotoent(void)

       void setprotoent(int stayopen);

       The getprotobyname(), getprotobynumber() and  getprotoent(),  functions
       each  return  a	pointer	 to a protoent structure, the members of which
       contain the fields of an entry in the network protocol database.

       The getprotoent() function reads the next entry of the database,	 open‐
       ing a connection to the database if necessary.

       The  getprotobyname() function searches the database from the beginning
       and finds the first entry for which the protocol name specified by name
       matches the p_name member, opening a connection to the database if nec‐

       The getprotobynumber() function searches the database from  the	begin‐
       ning  and finds the first entry for which the protocol number specified
       by number matches the p_proto member, opening a connection to the data‐
       base if necessary.

       The setprotoent() function opens a connection to the database, and sets
       the next entry to the first entry.  If the stayopen  argument  is  non-
       zero,  the  connection  to  the	network	 protocol database will not be
       closed after each call to getprotoent() (either directly, or indirectly
       through one of the other getproto*() functions).

       The endprotoent() function closes the connection to the database.

       The  getprotobyname(),  getprotobynumber()  and getprotoent() functions
       may return pointers to static data, which may be overwritten by	subse‐
       quent calls to any of these functions.

       These functions are generally used with the Internet address family.

       On successful completion, getprotobyname(), getprotobynumber() and get‐
       protoent() functions return a pointer to a protoent  structure  if  the
       requested  entry	 was found, and a null pointer if the end of the data‐
       base was reached or the requested entry was not	found.	 Otherwise,  a
       null pointer is returned.

       No errors are defined.

       See attributes(5) for descriptions of the following attributes:

       │Interface Stability │ Standard	      │
       │MT-Level	    │ MT-Safe	      │

       attributes(5), standards(5)

				 Jun 10, 2002		    ENDPROTOENT(3XNET)

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