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       elf32_getphdr,  elf32_newphdr,  elf64_getphdr, elf64_newphdr - retrieve
       class-dependent program header table

       cc [ flag ... ] file... -lelf [ library ... ]
       #include <libelf.h>

       Elf32_Phdr *elf32_getphdr(Elf *elf);

       Elf32_Phdr *elf32_newphdr(Elf *elf, size_t count);

       Elf64_Phdr *elf64_getphdr(Elf *elf);

       Elf64_Phdr *elf64_newphdr(Elf *elf, size_t count);

       For a 32-bit class file, elf32_getphdr() returns a pointer to the  pro‐
       gram execution header table, if one is available for the ELF descriptor

       elf32_newphdr() allocates a new table with count entries, regardless of
       whether	one  existed  previously, and sets the ELF_F_DIRTY bit for the
       table. See elf_flagdata(3ELF).  Specifying  a  zero  count  deletes  an
       existing table. Note this behavior differs from that of elf32_newehdr()
       allowing a program to replace  or  delete  the  program	header	table,
       changing its size if necessary.	See elf32_getehdr(3ELF).

       If no program header table exists, the file is not a 32-bit class file,
       an error occurs, or elf is NULL, both functions return a null  pointer.
       Additionally, elf32_newphdr() returns a null pointer if count is 0.

       The  table is an array of Elf32_Phdr structures, each of which includes
       the following members:

	 Elf32_Word	p_type;
	 Elf32_Off p_offset;
	 Elf32_Addr	p_vaddr;
	 Elf32_Addr	p_paddr;
	 Elf32_Word	p_filesz;
	 Elf32_Word	p_memsz;
	 Elf32_Word	p_flags;
	 Elf32_Word	p_align;

       The  Elf64_Phdr structures include the following members:

	 Elf64_Word	p_type;
	 Elf64_Word	p_flags;
	 Elf64_Off p_offset;
	 Elf64_Addr	p_vaddr;
	 Elf64_Addr	p_paddr;
	 Elf64_Xword	p_filesz;
	 Elf64_Xword	p_memsz;
	 Elf64_Xword	p_align;

       For the 64−bit class, replace 32 with 64 as appropriate.

       The ELF header's e_phnum member tells  how  many	 entries  the  program
       header  table  has. See elf32_getehdr(3ELF). A program may inspect this
       value to determine the size of an existing table; elf32_newphdr() auto‐
       matically  sets the member's value to count. If the program is building
       a new file, it is responsible for creating the file's ELF header before
       creating the program header table.

       See attributes(5) for descriptions of the following attributes:

       │Interface Stability │ Stable	      │
       │MT-Level	    │ MT-Safe	      │

       elf(3ELF),  elf32_getehdr(3ELF),	 elf_begin(3ELF),  elf_flagdata(3ELF),
       libelf(3LIB), attributes(5)

				 Jul 11, 2001		   ELF32_GETPHDR(3ELF)

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