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DOWNTIME(1)							   DOWNTIME(1)

       downtime - A GTK-based shutdown manager using shutdown(8)

       downtime [ config-file ]

       DownTime	 is  a GTK front-end to the standard UNIX shutdown(8) utility,
       which must be present in some form on your system for DownTime to func‐
       tion correctly.

       Specify	a  configuration  file	on  the	 command-line  to override the
       default configuration file location.

       In order to work correctly, DownTime must be able  to  locate  a	 shut‐
       down(8)	binary	on the system. If it can't be found in the usual PATH,
       DownTime checks for it at "/sbin/shutdown".

       Furthermore, users hoping to make use of DownTime must have  permission
       to  execute shutdown(8) successfully (i.e., if you can't do a "shutdown
       -p now" from a command-line, DownTime isn't going to work either).

       On some systems (such as FreeBSD) the "/sbin/shutdown" binary is setuid
       root, so a user simply has to have "execute" permissions on the file. A
       thorough explanation of how this might be accomplished is out of	 scope
       here,  but  "chmod  o+rx /sbin/shutdown" might do the trick. Please see
       the chmod(1) man(1) page for more information.

       On the other hand, some other systems (e.g., at least some Linuxes)  do
       not  implement  such  a configuration. Please consult the documentation
       for your system on how to allow ordinary users to  execute  shutdown(8)
       (DownTime has been verified to work under Ubuntu 8.10 using gksudo).

       The  DownTime  interface	 is  (hopefully!)  highly intuitive and should
       present no problems for users.

       Particular DownTime configurations can be saved to DownTime files.  For
       instance,  if  shutdowns	 of 55 minutes (approximately two TV episodes'
       length) and two hours (a common movie length) are regularly used, spec‐
       ifications  for	each  can  be saved to different DownTime files on the
       user's desktop or accessed through panel launchers. DownTime  registers
       a  file type association according to the standards and
       launching a saved DownTime file will open DownTime with that configura‐
       tion.  If the "Auto run" setting was specified when the file was saved,
       a shutdown will automatically be started.

       Please note that, as shutdown(8) can  only  specify  shutdowns  with  a
       granularity  of	one minute, pausing and resuming a shutdown will round
       the shutdown timer up to the nearest minute.

       ~/.downtime    default location for stored DownTime settings

       DownTime is released under a two-clause BSD license. Please  check  the
       file  "COPYRIGHT" in the root of the DownTime source distribution for a
       full copy of the license.

       Should you wish to contact the DownTime developer(s), please to so  via

       chmod(1), shutdown(8)

				  2010-02-20			   DOWNTIME(1)

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