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DMV(4)		       BSD/vax Kernel Interfaces Manual			DMV(4)

     dmv — DEC DMV-11 point-to-point communications device

     device dmv0 at uba0 csr 167000 vector dmvrint dmvxint

     The dmv interface provides access to a point-to-point communications
     device which runs at up to 56 Kb/s.  DMV-11s communicate using the DEC
     DDCMP link layer protocol.

     The host's address must be specified with an SIOCSIFADDR ioctl(2), and
     the destination address specified with a SIOCSIFDSTADDR ioctl, before the
     interface will transmit or receive any packets.

     The driver places a HOST entry in the kernel routing tables for the
     address given in the SIOCSIFDSTADDR ioctl.	 To use the DMV as a link
     between local nets, the route to the remote net must be added manually
     with the route(8) command, or by the use of the routing process routed(8)
     on each end of the link.

     dmvprobe: can't start device.
     dmvprobe: device init failed, bsel4=%o, bsel6=%o.	The probe routine was
     unable to start the device.

     dmvinit: dmv%d not running.
     dmvrestart: can't start device.
     dmv%d: device init failed, bsel4=%o, bsel6=%o.  The initializa‐
     tion/restart routine was unable to start the device.

     dmv%d: far end on-line.  The other end of the connection has come online.

     dmv%d: far end restart.  The other end of the line has restarted.

     dmv%d: bad control %o.  A bad parameter was passed to the dmvload rou‐

     dmvxint: dmv%d bad rcv pkt addr 0x%x len 0x%x.  A bad packet was

     dmv%d: bad packet address 0x%x.  An input packet was received which con‐
     tained a type of address unknown to the driver.

     dmvxint: dmv%d unallocated packet 0x%x.  A protocol error has occured
     with the board.

     dmvoutput, dmv%d can't handle af%d.  A packet for an unsupported address
     family has been sent.

     dmv%d: output timeout, bsel0=%b bsel2=%b.	A device timeout occurred.

     Numerous other device errors may be displayed.

     dmc(4), intro(4), inet(4)

     The dmv driver appeared in 4.3BSD-Tahoe.

4.3 Berkeley Distribution	 June 5, 1993	     4.3 Berkeley Distribution

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