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dlb(7)									dlb(7)

       dlb,  dlpi  -  STREAMS  pseudodevice driver for bridging BSD Drivers to

       #include	   <sys/dlpihdr.h>    #include	  <fcntl.h>    fd    =	  open
       ("/dev/streams/dlb", O_RDWR, 0);

       The  dlb	 STREAMS  pseudodevice	driver	provides  a communication path
       between BSD-style device drivers and STREAMS protocol stacks.  The  dlb
       STREAMS pseudodevice driver is the Stream end in a Stream that communi‐
       cates with BSD-based device drivers.

       When the /dev/streams/dlb character device is open, a  Stream  is  con‐
       structed	 between  a Stream head and the dlb pseudodevice driver. After
       the Stream that is intended to communicate with the BSD-based driver or
       drivers	is  created, the protocol module or modules can be pushed onto

       Tru64 UNIX supports a subset of the Data Link Provider Interface (DLPI)
       connectionless  mode  of	 communication.	 The  attach DLPI primitive is
       required to associate a particular physical point of  attachment	 (PPA)
       with a Stream in Tru64 UNIX's implementation of the style 2 provider.

       On  the	write side, the dlb pseudodevice driver translates connection‐
       less style 2 DLPI messages to the appropriate BSD ifnet interface  mes‐
       sages.	On  the	 read  side, the user-bound Service Access Point (SAP)
       messages received from a selected PPA over BSD based driver or  drivers
       are sent upstream.

       Network Programmer's Guide

       Data	  Link	    Provider	  Interface	 specification	    in


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