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dispcrypt(3)							  dispcrypt(3)

       dispcrypt  -  encrypt  a	 password, dispatching based on the associated
       algorithm (Enhanced Security)

       #include <prot.h>

       char *discprypt(
	       const char *plaintext,
	       const char *salt,
	       int algorithm_index );

       Security Library (libsecurity.so)

       In order to quickstart a program, the program must be  linked  as  fol‐
       lows: -lsecurity -ldb -laud -lm

       See  the	 shared	 library discussion in the Programmer's Guide for more
       information about using the quickstarting feature.

       The unencrypted password to be encrypted.  A string value which may  be
       used  as	 input	to  the selected encryption algorithm.	This parameter
       should be at least two characters in length, and	 null-terminated.  For
       password	 validation,  it  should  be  the  encrypted password which is
       already in use.	A value from  0	 to  (get_num_crypts()-1),  indicating
       which  encryption algorithm is to be used. For password validation, use
       the fd_oldcrypt field of an es_passwd structure. For  password  genera‐
       tion,  use  the	fd_newcrypt field (and update the fd_oldcrypt field at
       the same time as the fd_encrypt field if the change is successful).

       The dispcrypt() function applies the specified encryption algorithm  to
       the  given  password  string  and salt value, and returns the encrypted
       form of the password.  The return value is static data which  is	 over‐
       written on subsequent calls to this function or to the encryption algo‐
       rithms which it calls, so callers should save  a	 copy  of  the	string
       unless  the only use is an immediate comparison during password valida‐

       This routine returns NULL if there is an encryption failure. Otherwise,
       it  returns  a  pointer	to  static  data, which is the null-terminated
       encrypted password result.

       passwd(1), getespwent(3), get_num_crypts(3)



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