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DISKTAB(5)							    DISKTAB(5)

       disktab - disk description file

       #include <sys/disktab.h>

       Disktab	is a simple data base which describes disk geometries and disk
       partition  characteristics.   The  format  is   patterned   after   the
       termcap(5)  terminal data base.	Entries in disktab consist of a number
       of `:' separated fields.	 The first entry for each disk gives the names
       which  are  known  for the disk, separated by `|' characters.  The last
       name given should be a long name fully identifying the disk.

       The disk(8) program writes this information to the label area of a disk
       when  it	 is  initialized.   The	 getdiskbyname(3)  and getdiskbydev(3)
       routines may be used to read this information from  the	data  base  or
       disk label respectively.

       The  following  list  indicates	the normal values stored for each disk

       Name  Type  Description
       ty    str   Type of disk (e.g. removable_rw_optical)
       ns    num   Number of sectors per track
       nt    num   Number of tracks per cylinder
       nc    num   Total number of cylinders on the disk
       pa-h  num   Base sector number of partition [a-h]
       sa-h  num   Size of partition [a-h] (sectors)
       ba-h  num   Block size for partition [a-h] (bytes)
       fa-h  num   Fragment size for partition [a-h] (bytes)
       ca-h  num   Partition "cylinders-per-group" for newfs
       da-h  num   Partition density ("bytes-per-inode") for newfs
       ra-h  num   Partition "minfree" for newfs
       oa-h  str   Partition optimization ("space" or "time") for newfs
       ia-h  bool  Run newfs(8) on partition during initialization with disk(8)
       ma-h  str   Partition mount point name
       aa-h  num   Partition auto-mount on insert
       ta-h  str   Partition file system type ("4.3BSD", "sound" etc.)
       rm    num   Rotational speed in rpm (3600 default)
       ss    num   Sector size in bytes
       fp    num   Number of sectors in "front porch" of disk
       bp    num   Number of sectors in "back porch" of disk
       ng    num   Number of alternate groups on the disk
       gs    num   Number of sectors per alternate group
       ga    num   Number of alternate sectors per alternate group
       ao    num   Sector offset of alternates in alternate group
       os    str   Name of file to boot from
       z0-1  num   Locations (block number) of first level boot code
       hn    str   Hostname
       ro    char  Read only root partition (e.g. 'a')
       rw    char  Read/write partition (e.g. 'b')


       disk(8), newfs(8), getdiskbyname(3), getdiskbydev(3)

4.2 Berkeley Distribution	 May 17, 1986			    DISKTAB(5)

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