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dis(1)									dis(1)

       dis - Disassemble an object file

       dis  [-V] [-h] [-d] [-S] [-Idirectory] [-p procedure] [-s section-name]

       Interfaces documented on this reference page conform to industry	 stan‐
       dards as follows:

       dis:  XCU5.0

       Refer  to  the  standards(5)  reference page for more information about
       industry standards and associated tags.

       Displays the version of the dis command.	 Prints general register names
       instead of software register names.  Generates output suitable for com‐
       paring with diff(1).  The source address and  binary  instruction  data
       are  omitted.   Causes  the  source code to be listed.  Otherwise, only
       instructions are listed.	 Specifies a path to be prefixed to  the  name
       of  the	source	file when attempting to locate the source file for use
       with the -S option.  Disassembles only the specified procedure from the
       object  file.   Specifies the section to be disassembled.  If -s is not
       specified, the section is disassembled.

       The dis command disassembles object files  into	machine	 instructions.
       Please  note  that  assembler  code and machine code can differ on this
       machine. A file can be an object or an archive.

       The dis utility is marked LEGACY in XCU Issue 5.

       Assembly Language Programmer's Guide


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