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DEVICES(4)							    DEVICES(4)

       devices,	     devid_cache,     snapshot_cache,	  mdi_scsi_vhci_cache,
       mdi_ib_cache, devname_cache - device configuration information







       The directory /etc/devices is  a	 repository  of	 device-related	 data.
       Files  in  this	directory are used to preserve this information across
       reboots and are created and updated as necessary by the system.

       There are no administrative actions necessary with respect to files  in
       /etc/devices.  Should  the  contents  of	 a file become corrupted or an
       update fail, the file can simply be removed. The system re-creates  the
       file as necessary.

       devfsadm(1M), dev(7FS), ddi_devid_compare(9F), ddi_devid_compare(9F)

       Files in this directory do not constitute an API. Files might not exist
       or might have  a	 different  content  or	 interpretation	 in  a	future
       release.	 The  existence	 of  this notice does not imply that any other
       documentation that lacks this notice constitutes an API.

				  Jun 8, 2006			    DEVICES(4)

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