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DESTROY(1)		  BSD General Commands Manual		    DESTROY(1)

     Destroy — Destroy files from the harddisk in a secure manner.

     destroy [-shq] [file ...]

     destroy removes files from the harddrive by overwriting the file with
     NULL and Random bytes.  You may specify a regular file, or an enitre
     directory.	 In addition you may specify a wild card to destroy certain
     file types or filename matches.

     The Options are as follows:

     -s	     Security level: The number of times the file will be overwritten
	     with NULL and Random bytes.  If you enter a value of 5, 10 alter‐
	     nating overwrites will happen: 5 NULL and 5 Random.  If this num‐
	     ber is not entered on the command line, a default value for the
	     security level will be set to 7 as perscribed by the U.S. Depart‐
	     ment of Defense.  The lowest value accepted is 1, and the highest
	     security value is 20.  NOTE: The higher the value, the longer the
	     program might take to run.

     -f	     Destroy with force -- Remove all types of files; do not skip over
	     file types such as Sockets or Named Pipes.

     -q	     Run quietly -- Suppress all output from this application.	You
	     might not want all this stuff flying by on the screen should the
	     fedz be trying to watch.

     -h	     Print help message and referance to this man page.

     There are no known bugs at this time, if you find a bug, please report it
     to: <>

     Shane Kinney (mod6) <> | mod6 @
     #freebsd | WWW:

BSD				23 January 2004				   BSD

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