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       decimal_to_floating,    decimal_to_single,   decimal_to_double,	 deci‐
       mal_to_extended,	 decimal_to_quadruple  -  convert  decimal  record  to
       floating-point value

       #include <floatingpoint.h>

       void decimal_to_single(single *px, decimal_mode *pm,
	    decimal_record *pd, fp_exception_field_type *ps);

       void decimal_to_double(double *px, decimal_mode *pm,
	    decimal_record *pd, fp_exception_field_type *ps);

       void decimal_to_extended(extended *px, decimal_mode *pm,
	    decimal_record *pd, fp_exception_field_type *ps);

       void decimal_to_quadruple(quadruple *px, decimal_mode *pm,
	    decimal_record *pd, fp_exception_field_type *ps);

       These  functions	 convert  the  decimal	record *pd to a floating-point
       value *px observing the rounding direction specified in *pm and setting
       *ps to reflect any floating-point exceptions that occur.

       When  pd->fpclass  is  fp_zero, fp_infinity, fp_quiet, or fp_signaling,
       *px is set to zero, infinity, a quiet NaN, or a signaling NaN,  respec‐
       tively,	with  the  sign indicated by pd->sign. All other fields in *pd
       are ignored.

       When pd->fpclass is fp_normal or fp_subnormal, pd->ds  must  contain  a
       null-terminated	string of one or more ASCII digits representing a non-
       zero integer m, and pd->ndigits must be equal to	 the  length  of  this
       string. Then *px is set to a correctly rounded approximation to

	 −1**(pd->sign) * m * 10**(pd->exponent)

       pd->more	 can be set to a non-zero value to indicate that insignificant
       trailing digits were omitted from pd->ds. In this case, m  is  replaced
       by m + delta in the expression above, where delta is some tiny positive

       The converted value is rounded  according  to  the  rounding  direction
       specified in pm->rd. pm->df and pm->ndigits are not used.

       On exit, *ps contains a bitwise OR of flags corresponding to any float‐
       ing-point exceptions that occurred. The only  possible  exceptions  are
       underflow,  overflow,  and  inexact.   If  no floating-point exceptions
       occurred, *ps is set to zero.

       See attributes(5) for descriptions of the following attributes:

       │MT-Level       │ MT-Safe	 │

       scanf(3C), string_to_decimal(3C), strtod(3C), attributes(5)

				  Oct 1, 2001	       DECIMAL_TO_FLOATING(3C)

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