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dc(7)									 dc(7)

       dc - serial line/mouse/keyboard

       controller   dc0	  at ibus0   slot 0   vector dcintr

       The  dc	serial	line  controller  provides DECstation 2100, DECstation
       3100, DECstation 5000, and DECstation 5100 computer systems  with  key‐
       board, mouse, and serial communications interfaces. The serial communi‐
       cations interfaces on the DECstation 2100 and DECstation	 3100  provide
       partial	modem  control.	  The  serial communications interfaces on the
       DECstation 5000 provide full modem control.  The	 device	 special  file
       /dev/tty01  on a DECstation 5100 provides full modem control, while the
       remaining ports provide no modem control at all. All serial  communica‐
       tions  interfaces  operate  at  baud rates from B50 to B9600, excluding

       The dc ports are used as follows: Usage	Graphics  device  keyboard  at
       4800  BPS  Mouse	 or  tablet at 4800 BPS Communications port 1 (w/modem
       control)/local terminal Communications port 2  (w/modem	control)/local

       On  all	systems	 except the DECstation 5100, serial port 2 is used for
       the system console port in server (that	is,  non-graphics)  configura‐
       tions.	On  DECstation 5100s, the serial port labeled 3 on the back of
       the system is always the system console port.  The serial  system  con‐
       sole port always operates at 9600 BPS, 8-bits, no parity; modem control
       is not supported.

       Data communications equipment attached to the console  serial  port  in
       server  configurations  must be set to 9600 BPS, 8-bits, no parity. The
       scc driver enforces this restriction.

       console terminal local terminal local terminal local terminal  (DECsta‐
       tion 5100 only)

       console(7), devio(7), tty(7), MAKEDEV(8)


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