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CY(4)		      BSD/tahoe Kernel Interfaces Manual		 CY(4)

     cy — Cipher/tapemaster magtape interface

     controller cy0 at vba? csr 0xffff4000 vector cyintr
     device yc0 at cy0 drive 0

     The Cipher F880, M990/ Tapemaster combination provides a standard tape
     drive interface as described in mt(4).  The Cipher F880 tape drive oper‐
     ates at 1600 or 3200 BPI - controlled by a switch on the drive.  The
     Cipher M990 operates at 1600, 3200 or 6250 BPI - controlled by switches
     on the front of the drive.

     The Tapemaster controller board is actually a Multibus controller
     accessed through a Halversa Multibus to VERSAbus converter card.

     cy%d: %dkb buffer.	 The formatter was found to have a ‘%d’ kilobyte buf‐
     fer during autoconfiguration.

     cy%d: timeout or err during init, status=%b.  The controller timed out or
     an error occurred on a nop command during autoconfiguration; the con‐
     troller may be hung.

     cy%d: configuration failure, status=%b.  The controller timed out or an
     error occurred on a configure command during autoconfiguration; the con‐
     troller may be hung.

     yc%d: no write ring.  An attempt was made to write on the tape drive when
     no write ring was present; this message is written on the terminal of the
     user who tried to access the tape.

     yc%d: not online.	An attempt was made to access the tape while it was
     offline; this message is written on the terminal of the user who tried to
     access the tape.

     cy%d: i/o size too large.	A read or a write request exceeded the maximum
     transfer size for the controller - 32 kilobytes; this message is written
     on the terminal of the user who made the read or write request.

     yc%d: hard error bn%d status=%b.  A tape error occurred at block bn; the
     cy error register is printed in hexadecimal with the bits symbolically
     decoded.  Any error is fatal on non-raw tape; when possible the driver
     will have retried the operation which failed several times before report‐
     ing the error.  For known errors, the trailing ‘%s’ is one of the follow‐

	   timeout, timeout1, timeout2, timeout3, timeout4.  Time out errors;
	   this may be due to trying to read a blank tape or the controller
	   failing to interrupt or the drive dropping off-line.
	   non-existent memory.	 A controller transfer to memory timed out.
	   blank tape.	The controller detected a blank tape when data was
	   micro-diagnostic, missing diagnostic jumper.	 An error occurred in
	   the micro-diagnostics or the diagnostic mode jumper was not
	   installed while attempting to execute a diagnostics command.
	   eot/bot detected.  The controller unexpectedly encountered end-of-
	   tape or beginning-of-tape during an operation.
	   retry unsuccessful.	An error occurred which could not be recovered
	   by repeated retries.
	   fifo over/under-flow.  The controller was unable to transfer data
	   to the drive fast enough.  This usually occurs because a transfer
	   was performed without using the controller's internal buffer.
	   drive to controller parity error.  A parity error was detected by
	   the controller in data transferred between the drive and the con‐
	   troller's internal buffer.
	   prom checksum.  The controller thinks its PROM is corrupted.
	   time out tape strobe (record length error).	The controller timed
	   out while looking for an inter-record gap.  This usually occurs
	   because the records on the tape are larger than expected (or can be
	   tape not ready.  The drive does not respond; usually the power has
	   been turned off or a cable has come off.
	   write protected.  A write ring was present in the tape when a write
	   was attempted.
	   invalid link pointer.  An invalid pointer was encountered in a tape
	   parameter block.
	   unexpected file mark.  A tape file mark was encountered while try‐
	   ing to read or space.
	   invalid byte count.	An invalid byte count parameter was encoun‐
	   tered in a tape parameter block.
	   unidentified hardware error.
	   streaming terminated.  These should not happen.

     yc%d: lost interrupt.  The controller failed to respond with an interrupt
     signifying completion of the current command.  The system will attempt to
     abort the outstanding command and reset the controller.

     cy%d: reset failed.  The system was unable to reset the controller.  This
     is normally preceded by another message from the driver.

     mt(1), tar(1), mtio(4)

     The cy driver appeared in 4.3BSD-Tahoe.

     The controller supports only 20-bit addresses.  The only way the system
     can insure the controller will be able to address data to be transferred
     is to copy it into an intermediate buffer allocated in the first megabyte
     of system memory.

4.3-Tahoe Berkeley Distribution	 June 5, 1993  4.3-Tahoe Berkeley Distribution

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