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CTERMID(3C)							   CTERMID(3C)

       ctermid, ctermid_r - generate path name for controlling terminal

       #include <stdio.h>

       char *ctermid(char *s);

       char *ctermid_r(char *s);

       The  ctermid() function generates the path name of the controlling ter‐
       minal for the current process and stores it in a string.

       If s is a null pointer, the string is stored in an internal static area
       whose  address  is  returned  and whose contents are overwritten at the
       next call to ctermid(). Otherwise, s is assumed to point to a character
       array  of  at least L_ctermid elements. The path name is placed in this
       array and the value of s is returned. The constant L_ctermid is defined
       in the header <stdio.h>.

       The  ctermid_r()	 function  behaves  as ctermid() except that if s is a
       null pointer, the function returns NULL.

       The difference between ctermid() and ttyname(3C) is that ttyname() must
       be passed a file descriptor and returns the actual name of the terminal
       associated with that file descriptor, while ctermid() returns a	string
       (/dev/tty)  that will refer to the terminal if used as a file name. The
       ttyname() function is useful only if the process already has  at	 least
       one file open to a terminal.

       The  ctermid()  function	 is unsafe in multithreaded applications.  The
       ctermid_r() function is MT-Safe and should be used instead.

       When compiling multithreaded applications, the  _REENTRANT flag must be
       defined on the compile line.  This flag should be used only with multi‐
       threaded applications.

       See attributes(5) for descriptions of the following attributes:

       │Interface Stability │ ctermid() is Standard	 │
       │MT-Level	    │ ctermid() is Unsafe; cter‐ │
       │		    │ mid_r() is MT-Safe	 │

       ttyname(3C), attributes(5)

				 Jul 25, 2000			   CTERMID(3C)

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