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cpufreq-info(1)						       cpufreq-info(1)

       cpufreq-info - Utility to retrieve cpufreq kernel information

       cpufreq-info [options]

       A small tool which prints out cpufreq information helpful to developers
       and interested users.

       -c --cpu <CPU>
	       <CPU> number which information shall be determined about.

       -e --debug
	      Prints out debug information.

       -f --freq
	      Get frequency the	 CPU  currently	 runs  at,  according  to  the
	      cpufreq core.

       -w --hwfreq
	      Get  frequency  the  CPU	currently  runs at, by reading it from
	      hardware (only available to root).

       -l --hwlimits
	      Determine the minimum and maximum CPU frequency allowed.

       -d --driver
	      Determines the used cpufreq kernel driver.

       -p --policy
	      Gets the currently used cpufreq policy.

       -g --governors
	      Determines available cpufreq governors.

       -a --related-cpus
	      Determines which CPUs run at the same hardware frequency.

       -a --affected-cpus
	      Determines which CPUs need to have their	frequency  coordinated
	      by software.

       -s --stats
	      Shows cpufreq statistics if available.

       -y --latency
	      Determines the maximum latency on CPU frequency changes.

       -o --proc
	      Prints out information like provided by the /proc/cpufreq interÔÇÉ
	      face in 2.4. and early 2.6. kernels.

       -m --human
	      human-readable output for the -f, -w, -s and -y parameters.

       -h --help
	      Prints out the help screen.

       You can't specify more than one of the output specific options -o -e -a
       -g -p -d -l -w -f -y.

       You also can't specify the -o option combined with the -c option.

       /proc/cpufreq (deprecated)
       /proc/sys/cpu/ (deprecated)

       Dominik Brodowski <linux@brodo.de> - author
       Mattia Dongili<malattia@gmail.com> - first autolibtoolization


Mattia Dongili			      0.1		       cpufreq-info(1)

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