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config(8)							     config(8)

       config - Builds system configuration files

       /sys/conf/config [-k] [-p] [-q] [system_name]

       Creates	a  define  variable 'KDEBUG' that can be used to conditionally
       compile source code for kernel debugging.   Configure  the  system  for
       profiling.  You must have sources to use this option.  Concatenates and
       displays all the system configuration files, including  any  configura‐
       tion files described in the /sys/conf/NAME.list file.

       The  doconfig command calls the config command to build a set of system
       configuration files from a file that describes the sort of system  that
       is  being  configured.	The config command also takes as input another
       file that tells it what files are needed to  generate  a	 system.  This
       other  file  can	 be augmented by a configuration-specific set of files
       that name alternate files for a specific machine.

       Normally, you should run the doconfig program and not the  config  com‐
       mand.   If you need to issue the config command, be sure to change your
       directory to the /sys/conf directory. As an argument to the config com‐
       mand, specify the name of a system configuration file containing device
       specifications, configuration options and  other	 system	 operands  for
       that  specific  system configuration. The config command places all its
       output files in the directory

       The output of config consists of a number of files; each	 machine  type
       has  its	 own specific set of files.  All machine types have a makefile
       which is used by make during the system build.	Typically,  there  are
       also  a	set of header files which contain definitions of the number of
       various devices that will be compiled into the system,  and  a  set  of
       swap  configuration  files contain definitions for the disk areas to be
       used for swapping, the root file system, argument processing, and  sys‐
       tem dumps.

       After  running  config,	you run make depend in the directory where the
       new makefile was created.

       If any other error messages are produced by config, the problems in the
       configuration  file should be corrected and config should be run again.
       Attempts to compile a system that had configuration errors  are	likely
       to be unsuccessful.

       The line numbers reported in error messages are usually off by one.

       List of common files used to build the system List of files specific to
       NAME, where NAME is the value specified for the	ident  option  in  the
       system  configuration  file Machine-independent portion of the makefile
       template used for building kernels  from	 binaries  Machine-independent
       portion of the makefile template used for building kernels from sources
       Machine-dependent portion of the makefile template List of machine-spe‐
       cific files Machine-specific name to major device mapping file

       Commands: make(1), doconfig(8)

       System Administration


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