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CONFDB_KEY_ITER(3)Corosync Cluster Engine Programmer's ManuaCONFDB_KEY_ITER(3)

       confdb_key_iter	- Iterate through key/value pairs in the Configuration

       #include <corosync/confdb.h>

       confdb_error_t confdb_key_iter_start(confdb_handle_t  handle,  unsigned
       int parent_object_handle );

       confdb_error_t  confdb_key_iter(confdb_handle_t	handle,	 unsigned  int
       parent_object_handle, void *key_name, int *key_name_len,	 void  *value,
       int *value_len );

       The  confdb_key_iter  function  repeatedly  returns all key/value pairs
       that  are  subobjects  of  the  specified   parent.   You   must	  call
       confdb_key_iter_start  first. This establishes a context for the parent
       object so that it knows where you are in the list. Then the  next  call
       to  confdb_key_iter will return the first key/value in the list. Subseā€
       quent calls will	 return	 any  remaining	 keys.	The  function  returns
       CONFDB_ERR_ACCESS  when	the all of the matching keys have been seen.
       The library holds a seperate context for each parent object, so you can
       call  confdb_key_iter()	on several parent objects at the same time and
       they   will   not   interfere.	Nor   will   they    interfere	  with
       confdb_object_find  or  confdb_object_iter  calls  on  the  same parent

       This call returns the CONFDB_OK value if successful, otherwise an error
       is returned.

       The errors are undocumented.

       confdb_overview(8),	confdb_initialize(3),	   confdb_finalize(3),
       confdb_dispatch(3), confdb_object_create(3),  confdb_object_destroy(3),
       confdb_object_parent_get(3),			 confdb_key_create(3),
       confdb_key_delete(3),	 confdb_key_get(3),	confdb_key_replace(3),
       confdb_object_find_start(3),			confdb_object_find(3),
       confdb_object_iter_start(3),			confdb_object_iter(3),
       confdb_key_iter_start(3), confdb_key_iter(3),

corosync Man Page		  2008-04-17		    CONFDB_KEY_ITER(3)

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