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COMPVER(4)							    COMPVER(4)

       compver - compatible versions file

       compver is an ASCII file used to specify previous versions of the asso‐
       ciated package which are upward compatible. It is created by a  package

       Each  line  of  the file specifies a previous version of the associated
       package with which the current version is backward compatible.

       Since some packages may require installation of a specific  version  of
       another	software  package, compatibility information is extremely cru‐
       cial. Consider, for example, a package called "A" which	requires  ver‐
       sion  "1.0"  of	application "B" as a prerequisite for installation. If
       the customer installing "A" has a newer version of "B"  (version	 1.3),
       the  compver  file  for "B" must indicate that "1.3" is compatible with
       version "1.0" in order for the customer to install package "A".

       Example 1 Sample compver file.

       A sample compver file is shown below:

	 Version 1.3
	 Version 1.0


       Application Packaging Developer's Guide

       The comparison of the version string disregards white space  and	 tabs.
       It  is performed on a word-by-word basis. Thus, "Version 1.3" and "Ver‐
       sion 1.3" would be considered the same.

       The entries in the compver file must match the values assigned  to  the
       VERSION parameter in the pkginfo(4) files.

				  Oct 4, 1996			    COMPVER(4)

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