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CMDK(7D)							      CMDK(7D)

       cmdk - common disk driver

       cmdk@target, lun : [ partition | slice ]

       The  cmdk  device driver is a common interface to various disk devices.
       The driver supports magnetic fixed disks and magnetic removable disks.

       The cmdk device driver supports three different disk labels: fdisk par‐
       tition table, Solaris x86 VTOC and EFI/GPT.

       The  block-files	 access	 the  disk using the system's normal buffering
       mechanism and are read and written  without  regard  to	physical  disk
       records.	 There	is  also  a  "raw"  interface that provides for direct
       transmission between the disk and the user's read or  write  buffer.  A
       single read or write call usually results in one I/O operation; raw I/O
       is therefore considerably more efficient when many bytes are  transmit‐
       ted. The names of the block files are found in /dev/dsk. Raw file names
       are found in /dev/rdsk.

       I/O requests to the magnetic disk must  have  an	 offset	 and  transfer
       length  that is a multiple of 512 bytes or the driver returns an EINVAL

       Slice 0 is normally used for the root file system on a disk, slice 1 as
       a  paging  area	(for  example,	swap),	and slice 2 for backing up the
       entire fdisk partition for Solaris software. Other slices may  be  used
       for usr file systems or system reserved area.

       The  fdisk  partition  0	 is to access the entire disk and is generally
       used by the fdisk(1M) program.

				 block device (IDE)

				 raw device (IDE)


				       controller n.

				       lun n (0-1).

				       UNIX system slice n (0-15).

				       fdisk partition (0-36).

				 32-bit kernel module.

				 64-bit kernel module.

       See attributes(5) for descriptions of the following attributes:

       │Architecture   │ x86		 │

       fdisk(1M),  mount(1M),  lseek(2),   read(2),   write(2),	  readdir(3C),
       scsi(4), vfstab(4), attributes(5), dkio(7I)

				  Nov 4, 2008			      CMDK(7D)

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