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CLINFO(1M)							    CLINFO(1M)

       clinfo - display cluster information

       clinfo [-nh]

       The clinfo command displays cluster configuration information about the
       node from which the command is executed.

       Without arguments, clinfo returns an exit status of 0 if	 the  node  is
       configured  and	booted as part of a cluster. Otherwise, clinfo returns
       an exit status of 1.

       The following options are supported:

	     Displays the highest node number allowed to be  configured.  This
	     is	 different  from  the  maximum	number of nodes supported in a
	     given cluster. The current highest	 configured  node  number  can
	     change  immediately after the command returns since new nodes can
	     be dynamically added to a running cluster.

	     For example, clinfo -h might return 64, meaning that the  highest
	     number  you can use to identify a node is 64. See the Sun Cluster
	     3.0 System Administration Guide for a  description	 of  utilities
	     you can use to determine the number of nodes in a cluster.

	     Prints the number of the node from which clinfo is executed.

       The following exit values are returned:

	    Successful completion.

	    An error occurred.

	    This  is  usually  because the node is not configured or booted as
	    part of a cluster.


				 Mar 12, 2002			    CLINFO(1M)

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