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       cldap_search_s - connectionless LDAP search

       cc[ flag... ] file... -lldap[ library... ]
       #include <lber.h>
       #include <ldap.h>

       int cldap_search_s(LDAP *ld, char *base, int scope, char *filter,
	    char *attrs, int attrsonly, LDAPMessage **res, char *logdn);

       The cldap_search_s() function performs an LDAP search using the Connec‐
       tionless LDAP (CLDAP) protocol.

       cldap_search_s() has parameters	and  behavior  identical  to  that  of
       ldap_search_s(3LDAP),  except  for the addition of the logdn parameter.
       logdn should contain a distinguished name to be used only  for  logging
       purposed by the LDAP server.  It should be in the text format described
       by RFC 1779, A String Representation of Distinguished Names.

   Retransmission Algorithm
       cldap_search_s() operates using the CLDAP protocol over udp(7P).	 Since
       UDP  is	a non-reliable protocol, a retry mechanism is used to increase
       reliability. The cldap_setretryinfo(3LDAP) function can be used to  set
       two  retry parameters:  tries, a count of the number of times to send a
       search request and timeout, an initial timeout that determines how long
       to  wait for a response before re-trying. timeout is specified seconds.
       These values are stored in the ld_cldaptries and	 ld_cldaptimeout  mem‐
       bers  of	 the  ld  LDAP	structure,  and	 the  default  values  set  in
       ldap_open(3LDAP) are 4 and 3 respectively. The retransmission algorithm
       used is:

       Step 1
		 Set  the  current timeout to ld_cldaptimeout seconds, and the
		 current LDAP server address to the first  LDAP	 server	 found
		 during the ldap_open(3LDAP) call.

       Step 2
		 Send the search request to the current LDAP server address.

       Step 3
		 Set  the  wait	 timeout to the current timeout divided by the
		 number of server addresses found during  ldap_open(3LDAP)  or
		 to  one  second,  whichever is larger. Wait at most that long
		 for a response; if a response is received, STOP.   Note  that
		 the  wait  timeout  is always rounded down to the next lowest

       Step 4
		 Repeat steps 2 and 3 for each LDAP server address.

       Step 5
		 Set the current timeout  to  twice  its  previous  value  and
		 repeat Steps 2 through 5 a maximum of tries times.

       Assume  that  the default values for tries and timeout of 4 tries and 3
       seconds are used. Further, assume that a space-separated	 list  of  two
       hosts, each with one address, was passed to cldap_open(3LDAP). The pat‐
       tern of requests sent will be  (stopping	 as  soon  as  a  response  is

	   Time		Search Request Sent To:
	    +0		     Host A try 1
	    +1	(0+3/2)	     Host B try 1
	    +2	(1+3/2)	     Host A try 2
	    +5	(2+6/2)	     Host B try 2
	    +8	(5+6/2)	     Host A try 3
	    +14 (8+12/2)     Host B try 3
	    +20 (14+12/2)    Host A try 4
	    +32 (20+24/2)    Host B try 4
	    +44 (20+24/2)    (give up - no response)

       cldap_search_s()	 returns   LDAP_SUCCESS if a search was successful and
       the appropriate LDAP error code otherwise.  See	ldap_error(3LDAP)  for
       more information.

       See attributes(5) for a description of the following attributes:

       │Interface Stability │ Evolving	      │

       ldap(3LDAP),	     ldap_error(3LDAP),		 ldap_search_s(3LDAP),
       cldap_open(3LDAP),    cldap_setretryinfo(3LDAP),	   cldap_close(3LDAP),
       attributes(5), udp(7P)

				 Jan 27, 2002		 CLDAP_SEARCH_S(3LDAP)

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