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cf-report(8)							  cf-report(8)

       cf-report - cfengine's reporting agent

	cf-report [options]

       The  reporting  agent  is  a merger between the older cfengine programs
       cfshow and cfenvgraph. It outputs data stored  in  cfengine's  embedded
       databases  in human readable form.  cfengine is a self-healing configu‐
       ration and change management based system. You can think of.B  cfengine
       as  a  very  high level language, much higher level than Perl or shell.
       Asingle statement is called a promise, and  compliance  can  result  in
       many  hundreds  of  filesbeing created, or the permissions of many hun‐
       dreds offiles being set. The idea of .B cfengine is to create a one  or
       more  sets  of  configuration files which willclassify and describe the
       setup of every host in a network.

       --help, -h
	      Print the help message

       --class-regex, -c
	      Specify a class regular expression to search for

       --csv, -C
	      Enable CSV output mode in hub queries

       --debug, -d
	      Enable debugging output

       --verbose, -v
	      Output verbose information about the behaviour of the agent

       --inform, -I
	      Output information about actions performed by the agent

       --version, -V
	      Output the version of the software

       --no-lock, -K
	      Ignore ifelapsed locks

       --file, -f
	      Specify an alternative input file than the default

       --hostkey, -k
	      Specify a hostkey to lookup

       --html, -H
	      Print output in HTML

       --xml, -X
	      Print output in XML

       --version, -V
	      Print version string for software

       --purge, -P
	      Purge data about peers not seen beyond the threshold horizon for

       --erasehistory, -E
	      Erase historical data from the cf-monitord monitoring database

       --filter, -F
	      Specify a name regular expression for filtering results

       --outputdir, -o
	      Set output directory for printing graph data

       --promise-handle, -p
	      Specify a promise-handle to look up

       --query-hub, -q
	      Query hub database interactively

       --titles, -t
	      Add title data to generated graph files

       --timestamps, -T
	      Add a time stamp to directory name for graph file data

       --resolution, -R
	      Print graph data in high resolution

       --show, -1
	      Show	data	  matching     named	 criteria     (compli‐

       --syntax, -S
	      Print a syntax summary for this cfengine version

       --syntax-export, -s
	      Export a syntax tree in JSON format

       --no-error-bars, -e
	      Do not add error bars to the printed graphs

       --no-scaling, -n
	      Do not automatically scale the axes

       --verbose, -v
	      Generate verbose output

       --remove-hosts, -r
	      Remove  comma separated list of key hash entries from the hosts-
	      seen database

       Mark Burgess and CFEngine AS

       Bug   reports:,    .pp    Community	 help:		Community		 info:	      Support	     services:	 This  software	 is  Copyright	(C)  2008-2013
       CFEngine AS.

			     Maintenance Commands		  cf-report(8)

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