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ceylon p2(1)							  ceylon p2(1)

       ceylon p2 - Generates p2 repository metadata suitable for Eclipse

       ceylon p2 [--cacherep=url] [--categories=categories] [--category-
		 prefix=category-prefix] [--cwd=dir] [--maven-overrides=url]
		 [--no-default-repositories] [--offline] [--out=url]
		 [--overrides=url] [--pass=secret] [--rep=url...]
		 [--repository-name=repository-name] [--sysrep=url]
		 [--timeout=seconds] [--user=name] [--verbose[=flags]] [--]

       This is EXPERIMENTAL

       Given  a	 list  of  modules, and optionally a category file and prefix,
       this tool generates content.xml and artifacts.xml files in  the	output
       directory, and packs the folders in ${output}/features/* into jars.

	      Specifies the folder to use for caching downloaded modules. (de‐
	      fault: ~/.ceylon/cache)

	      Specify a categories.xml file to be used for the list  of	 cate‐

	      Specify  the  prefix  for	 categories, for example if you have a
	      category named 'x' and a prefix of 'com.foo.bar' we will	gener‐
	      ate a unit named 'com.foo.bar.x' for your category

	      Specifies the current working directory for this tool. (default:
	      the directory where the tool is run from)

	      Specifies the xml file to use to load Maven artifact  overrides.
	      See	   http://ceylon-lang.org/documentation/current/refer‐
	      ence/repository/maven/ for information. Deprecated: use  --over‐

	      Indicates that the default repositories should not be used.

       --offline, -L
	      Enables  offline	mode  that  will prevent connections to remote

       --out=url, -o url
	      Specifies the output module repository (which must  be  publish‐
	      able). (default: ./modules)

	      Specifies	 the  xml  file	 to  use to load module overrides. See
	      ry/maven/ for information. Experimental.

	      Sets the password for use with an authenticated output reposito‐
	      ry(no default).

	      Specifies a module repository containing	dependencies.  Can  be
	      specified	 multiple  times.  (default:  modules, ~/.ceylon/repo,

	      Specify an output repository name

	      Specifies the system repository  containing  essential  modules.
	      (default: $CEYLON_HOME/repo)

       --timeout=seconds, -T seconds
	      Sets  the	 timeout for connections to remote repositories, use 0
	      for no timeout (default: 20).

	      Sets the user name for use with an authenticated output  reposi‐
	      tory(no default).

       --verbose[=flags], -d
	      Produce  verbose	output.	 If no flags are given then be verbose
	      about everything, otherwise just	be  verbose  about  the	 flags
	      which are present. Allowed flags include: all, loader.

				28 October 2015			  ceylon p2(1)

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