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CDI_FSR(8)							    CDI_FSR(8)

       cdi_fsr - issue a forward space record command to a tape device

       cdi_fsr -f device -n count [ -v ] [ -t { s | t | g | n | m | i } ]

       The cdi_fsr program issues a forward space record (fsr) SCSI command to
       a tape device.  The cdi_fsr program also	 returns  the  status  of  the
       named SCSI device (specified by the -f option).

       -f     device
	    Specifies the device to send the fsr SCSI command to.

       -n     count
	    The record count for the fsr SCSI command.

       -t     Use the -t option to specify the method of tape functions to use
	      to issue the fsr SCSI command.  If the -t option is  not	speciā€
	      fied,  the  default  method  is  to  use the OS tape driver SCSI
	      passthrough functions.  Please refer to the libcdi  (8)  manpage
	      for  the	complete list of access methods currently supported by
	      the cdi_fsr program.

       -v     Run the program in verbose mode.	This option will print out the
	      version number of the CDI library used by the program.

       Sample output including drive status information:

     % cdi_fsr -f /dev/rmt/2cbn -n 2 -v

      CDI_GET_VERSION returns 1
       CDI_FSR 2 successful.
	elapsed time for command was 0 seconds
	cdi_info.drivestat is:
	  status = 0, DRIVE_STATUS_READY
	  msg = The tape drive is ready for use


NetWorker 7.3.2			  Aug 23, 06			    CDI_FSR(8)

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