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cdfs(4)								       cdfs(4)

       cdfs - The Compact Disk-Read Only Memory File System (CDFS)

       The ISO 9660 standard describes volume and file structures for informa‐
       tion exchange on a Compact Disk-Read Only Memory (CD-ROM) volume.  CDFS
       supports mounting, as another local file system type, CD-ROMs that com‐
       ply to the standard. Once mounted, files and  directories  recorded  on
       the CD-ROM become accessible in a read-only manner through system calls
       and commands. Support of the standard is limited to Interchange Level 2
       with  the  exception of multiple volume semantics, which are supported.
       Refer to the international standard ISO 9660-1988 for additional infor‐
       mation pertaining to the actual standard.

       The  CDFS  behaves the same as any read-only file system, and addition‐
       ally supports the following semantics: The CDFS can be exported by  NFS
       Users can mount other file system types (UFS, NFS, AdvFS) onto directo‐
       ries recorded on a CD-ROM volume CD-ROM volumes can be recorded in  ISO
       9660-1988,  Interchange	level  2, or (for backward compatibility) High
       Sierra Group (HSG) format The data on a CD-ROM volume that is  recorded
       as part of a multiple volume set or consists of a single volume is made
       available when the volume is mounted File systems on  a	CD-ROM	volume
       can be accessed locally and remotely The CDFS can be organized on a CD-
       ROM volume in multiple sessions.	  The  contents	 of  all  sessions  is
       available  as  one  file system; individual sessions are not separately

       The CDFS also supports CD-ROMs recorded using  the  Rock	 Ridge	Inter‐
       change  Protocol, Revision 1.09, August 1991.  Rock Ridge specifies the
       use of the extension fields that are defined by ISO-9660:1988,  and  it
       uses those extensions to provide the following information: File owner,
       file group, file permissions Additional	file  types  (symbolic	links,
       device special files, named pipes) setuid, setgid, and sticky bits Hard
       link counts POSIX file names (mixed case names, unstructured names, and
       longer  names  than  ISO-9660:1988  allows)  Deep directory hierarchies
       (greater than 8 levels) File time stamps

       Refer to the Rock Ridge specification for additional information	 about
       the extensions.

       The CDFS also supports the XCDR extensions (X/Open Preliminary Specifi‐
       cation (1991) CD-ROM Support Component).	 These XCDR extensions add the
       following  support:  Users  can	examine	 selected  ISO 9660 attributes
       through defined utilities and shared libraries A	 system	 administrator
       can  substitute	different file protections, owners, and file names for
       files on a CD-ROM volume.

       mount(8), cddevsuppl(8),	 cdsuf(1),  cd_getdevmap(3),  cd_setdevmap(3),
       and cd_suf(3) delim off

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