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cd_pvd(3)							     cd_pvd(3)

       cd_pvd, cd_cpvd - reads the Primary Volume Descriptor from a CD-ROM

       #include <sys/cdrom.h>

       int cd_pvd(
	       char *path,
	       struct iso9660_pvd *pvd ); int cd_cpvd(
	       char *path,
	       char *addr );

       Rock  Ridge  and	 X/Open	 Extensions  to the CDFS library (,

       Points to a pathname that names a file or  directory  within  a	CD-ROM
       File  System  hierarchy,	 or  to a block-special file for a CD-ROM File
       System.	Points to the iso9660_pvd structure that holds the contents of
       the  Primary  Volume Descriptor from the CD-ROM. The iso9660_pvd struc‐
       ture is defined in cdfs/xcdr.h, an include file	that  is  called  into
       sys/cdrom.h  Points to the address to which the Primary Volume Descrip‐
       tor on the CD-ROM is copied.

       The function cd_pvd() fills the *pvd structure with the contents of the
       Primary	Volume	Descriptor  from  the CD-ROM. To execute this function
       successfully, the user must have read or	 execute  permission  for  the
       file or directory pointed to by *path

       The  function  cd_cpvd()	 copies the complete Primary Volume Descriptor
       that is recorded on the CD-ROM to the address pointed to by *addr.  The
       user must allocate {CD_PVDLEN} bytes for the Primary Volume Descriptor.
       The variable {CD_PVDLEN} is defined in  cdfs/xcdr.h,  an	 include  file
       that is called into sys/cdrom.h.

       If successful, the value zero is returned. If unsuccessful, the integer
       -1 is returned and errno is set to indicate the error.

       The function will fail if: Search permission is denied for a  directory
       in *path or read permission is denied for the file, directory, or block
       special file pointed to by *path.  The address  of  *path  or  *pvd  is
       invalid.	  A  signal  was caught during execution of the function.  The
       argument *path points to a file or directory that is not within the CD-
       ROM  file hierarchy. The named file is a block special file and the CD-
       ROM is not recorded according to the  ISO  9660	standard.   {OPEN_MAX}
       file descriptors are currently open in the calling process.

	      [Tru64  UNIX]  Either the OPEN_MAX value or the per-process soft
	      descriptor limit is checked.  The length	of  the	 *path	string
	      exceeds  {PATH_MAX},  or	a  pathname  component	is longer than
	      {NAME_MAX} while {_POSIX_NO_TRUNC} is  in	 effect.   The	system
	      file  table is full.  A component of *path does not exist or the
	      *path argument points to an empty string.	 A  component  of  the
	      *path prefix is not a directory.	The CD-ROM is not in the drive
	      or a read error occurred. The named file is a block-special file
	      and the device associated with the file does not exist.

       Files: cdfs/xcdr.h, sys/cdrom.h


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