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bindconfig(8)							 bindconfig(8)

       bindconfig  - Configures DNS/BIND services for a single system or clus‐


       /usr/sbin/sysman dns

       The Domain Name System (DNS) configuration section of the  SysMan  Menu
       allows  you  to	configure  a system as a Berkeley Internet Name Domain
       (BIND) client, which queries a BIND server for host  name  and  address
       information,  interprets	 responses,  and  passes  the  information  to
       requesting applications, or as a BIND Server, which is  the  authorita‐
       tive  source  for  information  about a zone or zones.  The BIND server
       either maintains the master copy of the hosts database for the zone  or
       zones, or obtains the required information from other BIND servers.

       Before  using  bindconfig,  be  sure to configure network interfaces by
       using the Network Configuration section of the  SysMan  Menu.   If  the
       network	interfaces are down when you configure your system as either a
       BIND client or a BIND server, the service will not start.

       Use bindconfig to do the following: Configure the host system as a BIND
       master  for  one	 or more zones, as a caching-only name server, or as a
       name service client Initialize and maintain BIND data files and	gener‐
       ate   resource	records	  to  manage  areas  such  as:	host  name  to
       address/address to host	name  mapping,	host  information,  host  name
       aliasing,  name	servers, mail exchange, and the cache file root server
       list Manage the BIND boot files, including creation of  multiple	 zones
       of  authority,  designation of forwarders, and indication of slave con‐
       figurations Maintain the resolver configuration file, specify queriable
       name servers, and specify an alternate domain search list

   Online Help:
       Online  help  is available for the BIND Configuration dialog boxes. You
       can get help by selecting the Help button on any dialog box.

       You must be root or have the appropriate privileges to run this	appli‐

       Lists locally maintained host names and IP addresses Specifies the ser‐
       vice selection for each system database Specifies the environment vari‐
       ables that define the BIND configuration on your system

       Default	BIND  Files:  Directory	 containing BIND server database files
       BIND server master database file for forward lookups, optionally gener‐
       ated  by	 the  SysMan Menu from the existing /etc/hosts database.  BIND
       server master database file for reverse lookups,	 optionally  generated
       by  the SysMan Menu from the existing /etc/hosts database.  BIND server
       database of root name  servers  BIND  server  configuration  file  BIND
       server  database	 for the local host's loopback interface BIND resolver
       configuration file

       Commands: named(8), nslookup(8), rc.config(8), svcsetup(8), xauth(1X)

       Files: resolv.conf(4), svc.conf(4)

       Network Services: bind_intro(7), bind_manual_setup(7)


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