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       bdfresize - Resize BDF Format Font

       bdfresize [-v] [-b number] [-[whf] factor] [bdf-file]

       Bdfresize  is  a command to magnify or reduce fonts which are described
       with the standard BDF format.  If bdf-file is not specified,  it	 reads
       from  stdin.   Bdfresize	 outputs  the  result to stdout in BDF format.
       Some COMMENT lines are inserted to the result font.  FONT name is modi‐
       fied  depending	on  the resize factor if the name is described in XLFD
       format.	SIZE, FONTBOUNDINGBIX, SWIDTH, DWIDTH, BBX and	some  property
       lines  are  also	 modified.   Other lines are copied from source.  If a
       syntax error occurs in a source font, bdfresize notices	it  and	 stops
       the whole process.

       -v      Show the version number and exit.

       -b number
	       Specify	the  blackness.	  Pixel	 values	 of a resized font are
	       decided by this value.  Default is 4.

       -w factor
	       Specify the resize factor for the font width.

       -h factor
	       Specify the resize factor for the font height.

       -f factor
	       Same as ``-w factor -h factor''.

       factor is described in either of following forms.

       bdftopcf(1), xfed(1), Character Bitmap Distribution Format  2.1	(Adobe
       Systems,	 Inc.),	 X Logical Font Description Conventions (MIT X Consor‐
       tium Stardard)

       Copyright (C) 1988, 1992 Hiroto Kagotani.

BDF				12 October 1992			  BDFRESIZE(1)

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