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AUTH_MKHOMEDIR(3)	    Double Precision, Inc.	     AUTH_MKHOMEDIR(3)

       auth_mkhomedir - Autocreate a new account's home directory

       #include <courierauth.h>

       int rc=auth_mkhomedir(struct authinfo *auth);

       A callback_func that's passed as a parameter to auth_getuserinfo(3)[1]
       can invoke this function to automatically create a new account's home
       directory, if the authlib client is running as root, forwarding the
       authinfo pointer from the callback.

       auth_mkhomedir() checks if the AUTH_MKHOMEDIR_SKEL environment variable
       is set, and if the authenticated account's home directory does not
       exist. If the environment variable is set it must point to a directory
       like /etc/skel that contains a template for the contents of a new
       account's home directory.

       If AUTH_MKHOMEDIR_SKEL is not set, or if the home directory exists,
       auth_mkhomedir() does nothing and returns 0. Otherwise the account's
       home directory gets created, and the contents of the
       AUTH_MKHOMEDIR_SKEL directory get recursively copied into the new home
       directory. The permissions of AUTH_MKHOMEDIR_SKEL and its contents are
       preserved, and the owner userid and groupid is set to the authenticated
       account's userid and groupid.

       auth_mkhomedir() returns a non-zero value if an error occured while
       creating the new account's home directory.  auth_mkhomedir() returns
       zero if the new account's home directory was created successfully, or
       if the account's home directory already exists.

       authlib(3)[2], auth_getuserinfo(3)[1].

	1. auth_getuserinfo(3)

	2. authlib(3)

Double Precision, Inc.		  06/20/2015		     AUTH_MKHOMEDIR(3)

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