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assign_cpu_to_pset(3)					 assign_cpu_to_pset(3)

       assign_cpu_to_pset - Assigns a processor to a processor set

       #include <sys/types.h> #include <sys/processor.h>

       int assign_cpu_to_pset(
	       unsigned long cpu,
	       long pset_id,
	       long option );

       Pset Library (libpset)

       Mach Library (libmach)

       Processor or processors to assign to the specified processor set.  Pro‐
       cessor set identifier, which is returned by the create_pset() function.
       Specifies a bit mask.  Currently, only the ANY_CPU bit is supported. If
       this bit is set, the value specified by the cpu variable is the	number
       of  processors  to  be assigned to the specified processor set from the
       default processor set.  If the ANY_CPU bit is not set, the value speci‐
       fied  by	 the  cpu variable is the mask of processors to be assigned to
       the processor set.

       The assign_cpu_to_pset() function removes processors from their current
       processor  set  and  assigns them to the processor set specified by the
       pset_id variable.   This function requires root privileges.

       If the ANY_CPU option is specified, the number of processors  specified
       by  the cpu variable are assigned from the default processor set to the
       processor set that is specified with the pset_id variable. If the spec‐
       ified  number  of processors are not available in the default processor
       set, an error is returned and no processors are assigned.

       If the ANY_CPU option is not set, the value specified by the cpu	 vari‐
       able  is a mask of processors to be assigned to the specified processor
       set.  For example, if you specify a cpu value of 6, then	 processors  2
       and 3 are assigned to the processor set.

       Note  that processors are not required to start in slot 0 on some plat‐
       forms.  For example, you may see a three-processor system with  proces‐
       sors in slots 6, 7, and 8.  The console assigns the master processor at
       power up, which is usually the processor in slot 0 if it	 is  occupied.
       However,	 there is no requirement that slot 0 must be populated or that
       the master is the first processor on the bus.  In the  example  of  the
       three-processor	(slots	6, 7, and 8) system, the master processor will
       be the one in slot 6.

       Processor assignments are logged in the /var/adm/wtmp file.

       If the processor assignment  is	successful,  the  assign_cpu_to_pset()
       function	 returns  zero	(0).   If  the assignment is unsuccessful, the
       function returns a negative number.  Use the  print_pset_error()	 func‐
       tion to print a message that describes the error.


       bind_to_cpu(3), create_pset(3), destroy_pset(3), assign_pid_to_pset(3),
       print_pset_error(3), processor_sets(4), pset_create(1)


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