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asciitopgm(1)							 asciitopgm(1)

       asciitopgm - convert ASCII graphics into a portable graymap

       asciitopgm [-d divisor] height width [asciifile]

       Reads ASCII data as input.  Produces a portable graymap with pixel val‐
       ues which are an approximation of the "brightness" of the ASCII charac‐
       ters, assuming black-on-white printing.	In other words, a capital M is
       very dark, a period is ver light, and a space is	 white.	  Input	 lines
       which  are  fewer  than	width characters are automatically padded with

       The divisor argument is a floating-point number	by  which  the	output
       pixels  are  divided;  the  default  value is 1.0.  This can be used to
       adjust the brightness of the graymap: for example, if the image is  too
       dim, reduce the divisor.

       In  keeping  with  (I  believe) Fortran line-printer conventions, input
       lines beginning with a + (plus) character are assumed  to  "overstrike"
       the previous line, allowing a larger range of gray values.

       This  tool contradicts the message in the pbmtoascii manual: "Note that
       there is no asciitopbm tool - this transformation is one-way."

       The table of ASCII-to-grey values is subject to interpretation, and, of
       course, depends on the typeface intended for the input.

       pbmtoascii(1), pgm(5)

       Wilson H. Bent. Jr. (

			       26 December 1994			 asciitopgm(1)

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