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al_flip_display(3)					    al_flip_display(3)

       al_flip_display - Allegro 5 API

	      #include <allegro5/allegro.h>

	      void al_flip_display(void)

       Copies  or  updates  the	 front	and back buffers so that what has been
       drawn previously on the currently selected display becomes  visible  on
       screen.	 Pointers  to  the special back buffer bitmap remain valid and
       retain their semantics as the back buffer, although  the	 contents  may
       have changed.

       Several display options change how this function behaves:

       · With  ALLEGRO_SINGLE_BUFFER,  no flipping is done.  You still have to
	 call this function to display graphics, depending  on	how  the  used
	 graphics system works.

       · The  ALLEGRO_SWAP_METHOD option may have additional information about
	 what kind of operation is used internally to flip the front and  back

       · If  ALLEGRO_VSYNC  is	1, this function will force waiting for vsync.
	 If ALLEGRO_VSYNC is 2, this function will not wait for	 vsync.	  With
	 many drivers the vsync behavior is controlled by the user and not the
	 application,  and  ALLEGRO_VSYNC  will	 not  be  set;	in  this  case
	 al_flip_display(3)  will wait for vsync depending on the settings set
	 in the system's graphics preferences.

       al_set_new_display_flags(3), al_set_new_display_option(3)

Allegro reference manual				    al_flip_display(3)

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