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acl_set_qualifier(3)					  acl_set_qualifier(3)

       acl_set_qualifier - Sets the tag qualifier (UID or GID) on an ACL entry

       #include <sys/acl.h>

       int acl_set_qualifier(
	       acl_entry_t entry_d,
	       void *tag_qualifier_p );

       Security Library (libpacl.a)

       Designates the working storage internal representation ACL entry to set
       the tag qualifier in.  Designates the uid or gid to set the tag	quali‐
       fier to.

       NOTE:   This  function  is based on Draft 13 of the POSIX P1003.6 stan‐

       Given an ACL entry, the acl_set_qualifier() function sets the id in the
       ACL  entry.  If	the  tag  type of the given ACL entry is ACL_USER then
       tag_qualifier_p is evaluated as a pointer of type *uid_t.  If  the  tag
       type of the given ACL entry is ACL_GROUP then tag_qualifier_p is evalu‐
       ated as a pointer of type *gid_t. Any other ACL tag type results in  an

       Upon  successful completion, the acl_set_qualifier() function returns a
       value of 0 (zero).  Otherwise, a value of -1 is returned and  errno  is
       set to indicate the error.

       If any of the following conditions occur, the acl_set_qualifier() func‐
       tion sets errno to the corresponding value:

       Argument entry_d does not refer to a valid ACL entry.  The value of the
       tag  type  in  ACL  entry  referred  to	by  entry_d  is	 ACL_USER_OBJ,
       ACL_GROUP_OBJ, or ACL_OTHER_OBJ. The value of the entry	in  tag_quali‐
       fier_p is not valid.  There is not enough memory available  to allocate
       the ACL uid/gid storage.

       acl_free_qualifier(3), acl_get_qualifier(3)



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