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acl_set_file(3)						       acl_set_file(3)

       acl_set_file  - Sets the ACL on the file or directory designated by the
       path name

       #include <sys/acl.h>

       int acl_set_file(
	       char *path_p,
	       acl_type_t type_d,
	       acl_t acl_d );

       Security Library (libpacl.a)

       The pathname of the file or directory to set the	 ACL  on.   Designates
       the   type   of	ACL  to	 set:  ACL_TYPE_ACCESS,	 ACL_TYPE_DEFAULT,  or
       ACL_TYPE_DEFAULT_DIR.  Working storage internal representation  of  the
       ACL that is being set.

       NOTE:   This  function  is based on Draft 13 of the POSIX P1003.6 stan‐

       Given a path name to a file or directory, the  acl_set_file()  function
       sets  the  designated  ACL.  The type of ACL being set is determined by
       the type_d parameter. If acl_d is NULL,	then  the  designated  ACL  is
       removed	from  the designated file or directory. The entry pointer used
       by the acl_get_entry() function becomes undefined after a call  to  the
       acl_set_file() function.

       Upon successful completion, the acl_set_file() function returns a value
       of 0 (zero).  Otherwise, a value of -1 is returned and errno is set  to
       indicate the error.

       If  any	of the following conditions occur, the acl_set_file() function
       sets errno to the corresponding value:

       The required access to the file was denied.  The named file  or	direc‐
       tory  does not exist.  The argument acl_d does not contain a valid ACL.
       Argument type_d does not contain a valid ACL  type.   The  pathname  is
       longer  than  allowed.  The directory or file system that would contain
       the new ACL cannot be extended or the file system is out of file	 allo‐
       cation  resources.   The	 argument  type_d indicates a default ACL, and
       path_p does not point to a directory.  The designated file or directory
       resides	on  a  file system that does not support ACLs The process does
       not have the appropriate permissions to	perform	 the  operation.   The
       setting	and changing of ACLs have been disabled by the system adminis‐
       trator.	The designated file or directory resides on a  read-only  file

       acl_get_fd(3), acl_valid(3), acl_set_fd(3), acl_get_file(3)



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