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aa_autoinit(3)							aa_autoinit(3)

       aa_autoinit - easy to use AA-lib initialization function.

       #include <aalib.h>

       aa_context *aa_autoinit(const struct aa_hardware_params *params);

       const struct aa_hardware_params *params
	      Hardware parameters you want.  Use aa_defparams for default val‐

       Attempts to find	 available  output  driver  supporting	the  specified
       parameters.   First  attempts to initialize the recommended drivers and
       then in order drivers available in the aa_drivers  array	 (all  regular
       output drivers compiled into AA-lib).

       Pointer	to  initialized	 context  structure when succesfull or NULL on

       save_d(3), mem_d(3), aa_help(3), aa_formats(3), aa_fonts(3), aa_dither‐
       names(3),    aa_drivers(3),    aa_kbddrivers(3),	   aa_mousedrivers(3),
       aa_kbdrecommended(3), aa_mouserecommended(3), aa_displayrecommended(3),
       aa_defparams(3),		aa_defrenderparams(3),	       aa_scrwidth(3),
       aa_scrheight(3),	  aa_mmwidth(3),    aa_mmheight(3),    aa_imgwidth(3),
       aa_imgheight(3),	  aa_image(3),	aa_text(3),  aa_attrs(3),  aa_current‐
       font(3),	 aa_autoinitkbd(3),  aa_autoinitmouse(3),   aa_recommendhi(3),
       aa_recommendlow(3),    aa_init(3),    aa_initkbd(3),   aa_initmouse(3),
       aa_close(3),  aa_uninitkbd(3),	aa_uninitmouse(3),   aa_fastrender(3),
       aa_render(3), aa_puts(3), aa_printf(3), aa_gotoxy(3), aa_hidecursor(3),
       aa_showcursor(3),  aa_getmouse(3),  aa_hidemouse(3),   aa_showmouse(3),
       aa_registerfont(3),  aa_setsupported(3), aa_setfont(3), aa_getevent(3),
       aa_getkey(3),  aa_resize(3),  aa_resizehandler(3),  aa_parseoptions(3),
       aa_edit(3),  aa_createedit(3), aa_editkey(3), aa_putpixel(3), aa_recom‐
       mendhikbd(3), aa_recommendlowkbd(3), aa_recommendhimouse(3),  aa_recom‐
       mendlowmouse(3), aa_recommendhidisplay(3), aa_recommendlowdisplay(3)

c2man aalib.h		       8 September 1999			aa_autoinit(3)

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