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SSL_free(3)							   SSL_free(3)

       SSL_free - Free an allocated SSL structure

       #include <openssl/ssl.h>

       void SSL_free(
	       SSL *ssl );

       The  SSL_free()	function  decrements  the  reference count of ssl, and
       removes the SSL structure pointed to by ssl and frees up the  allocated
       memory if the the reference count has reached 0.

       The  SSL_free()	function  also	calls the freeing procedures for indi‐
       rectly affected items, if applicable: the buffering BIO, the  read  and
       write  BIOs,  cipher lists specially created for this ssl, the SSL_SES‐
       SION. Do not explicitly free these indirectly freed up items before  or
       after calling the SSL_free() function.  Trying to free things twice may
       lead to program failure.

       The ssl session has reference counts from two users:  the  SSL  object,
       for which the reference count is removed by the SSL_free() function and
       the internal session cache. If the session is considered	 bad,  because
       the  SSL_shutdown()  function was not called for the connection and the
       SSL_set_shutdown() function was not used to set	the  SSL_SENT_SHUTDOWN
       state.  The  session  will  also	 be  removed from the session cache as
       required by RFC2246.

       The SSL_free() function does not provide diagnostic information.

       Functions:  SSL_new(3),	SSL_clear(3),  SSL_shutdown(3),	 SSL_set_shut‐
       down(3), ssl(3)


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