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       rle_get_setup - Read the header from an RLE file.
       rle_get_setup_ok - Print error message and exit if rle_get_setup fails.
       rle_get_error - Print error message for rle_get_setup failure.
       rle_debug - Turn on or off debugging messages.

       #include <rle.h>

       rle_get_setup( the_hdr );
       rle_hdr * the_hdr;

       rle_get_setup_ok( the_hdr, prog_name, file_name );
       rle_hdr * the_hdr;
       char * prog_name, * file_name;

       rle_get_error( code, prog_name, file_name )
       int code;
       char *prog_name, *file_name;

       rle_debug( on_off )
       int on_off;

       Rle_get_setup  is called to initialize the process of reading an RLE(5)
       file.  It will fill in the_hdr with the header information from the RLE
       file,  and  will	 initialize state for rle_getrow(3) and rle_getraw(3).
       The rle_file field of the_hdr should be initialized to the input stream
       before  calling	rle_get_setup.	 The  bits  field  is  initialized  by
       rle_get_setup to enable reading of all  the  channels  present  in  the
       input  file.   To prevent rle_getrow or rle_getraw from reading certain
       channels (e.g., the alpha channel),  the	 appropriate  bits  should  be
       cleared before calling them.  The error codes returned by rle_get_setup
       are defined in rle.h.

       Rle_get_setup_ok invokes rle_get_setup and checks the return code.   If
       an   error  occurred,  it  calls	 rle_get_error(	 err_code,  prog_name,
       file_name ) to print the appropriate error message on stderr,  and  the
       program exits with the status code set.

       Rle_get_error  can  be  called to print an appropriate error message on
       the standard error output for the failure code returned by rle_get_set‐
       up.  The prog_name and file_name parameters are used for the error mes‐
       sage.  If file_name is NULL or "-", the string "Standard input" is sub‐

       The  function rle_debug is used to enable or disable debug printing for
       the rle_get functions.  If on_off is non-zero, all input read from  any
       RLE  file will be printed in a readable form on the standard error out‐
       put.  Calling rle_debug(0) will turn off this activity.

       rle_hdr(3), rle_getrow(3), rle_getraw(3), librle(3), RLE(5).

       Spencer W. Thomas, Todd Fuqua
       University of Utah

4th Berkeley Distribution	    2/2/87		      RLE_GET_SETUP(3)

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