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Module::Build::PlatformPerlcProgrammers RModule::Build::Platform::MacOS(3perl)

       Module::Build::Platform::MacOS - Builder class for MacOS platforms

       The sole purpose of this module is to inherit from
       "Module::Build::Base" and override a few methods.  Please see
       Module::Build for the docs.

   Overridden Methods
	   MacPerl doesn't define $Config{sitelib} or $Config{sitearch} for
	   some reason, but $Config{installsitelib} and
	   $Config{installsitearch} are there.	So we copy the install
	   variables to the other location

	   On MacOS we set the file type and creator to MacPerl so it will run
	   with a double-click.

	   Because there's no easy way to say "./Build test" on MacOS, if
	   dispatch is called with no arguments and no @ARGV a dialog box will
	   pop up asking what action to take and any extra arguments.

	   Default action is "test".

	   Need to unlock the Build program before deleting.

       Michael G Schwern <>

       perl(1), Module::Build(3), ExtUtils::MakeMaker(3)

perl v5.18.2			  2014-01Module::Build::Platform::MacOS(3perl)

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