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IPTOTEXT(1)							   IPTOTEXT(1)

       iptotext - convert an interpress file into intertext

       iptotext [ -d ] [ -o outputfile ] [ file ... ]

       Iptotext	 will  convert	an interpress file into a readable Ascii form.
       This textual form, called intertext, consists  of,  basically,  numbers
       and  operator names.  The output can be edited by any conventional text
       editor and converted back to an interpress file with texttoip(1).

       The -d option will cause pixel arrays to be formatted and  included  in
       the output.  The default is to not dump pixel array data because of its
       voluminous nature.

       If -o is specified, the text is written to the file outputfile.	If  no
       output  file  name  is given, the output appears on standard out.  Note
       that this is a little different than texttoip(1).


       Intertext-a Textual Representation of Interpress, William LeFebvre
       Interpress Electronic Printing Standard, XSIS 048404

4th Berkeley Distribution	    5/23/85			   IPTOTEXT(1)

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