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HKSCS(5)							      HKSCS(5)

       HKSCS  -	 Codeset  conversion  support  for the Hong Kong Supplementary
       Character Set

       HKSCS, the Hong Kong Supplementary Character Codeset, is	 a  supplemen‐
       tary  character	set developed by the Chinese government, in collabora‐
       tion with the Chinese Language Interface Advisory Committee, to provide
       Chinese	characters  needed  in	computing in Hong Kong. The characters
       contained in HKSCS are only for computer use and, as developed  by  the
       Chinese	government, can be represented as either Big-5 or Unicode. See
       the web	site,,  for  more
       information on HKSCS and the work of the Chinese government.

       While HKSCS is not a character set name, Tru64 UNIX uses it as the name
       for extended Big-5 encoding that contains HKSCS characters.  Currently,
       Tru64  UNIX  support  for  HKSCS	 is limited to code conversion between
       HKSCS and Unicode.

   HKSCS Character Mapping
       OnTru64 UNIX, HKSCS is represented in Big-5 encoding.  See big5(5)  for
       information on character mapping.

       HKSCS characters map to Big-5 in the range of 8840 to FEFE.

   HKSCS Character Groups
       HKSCS,  as  initially developed in 1999, contained 4702 Chinese charac‐
       ters specific to the Hong Kong environment and used in electronic  com‐
       munication  and	data  exchange	conducted  in  Chinese. A new version,
       HKSCS-2001, was developed at the end of 2001 and added 116 more charac‐
       ters  for a total of 4818. Additional enhancements to HKSCS may be made
       in the future.

       The HKSCS character set defines the following character groups: Special
       symbols	(441) Han characters (4377) Cantonese dialect characters (109)
       Radicals and shapes (30) Scientific terms (12)  Names  (people,	compa‐
       nies, places, etc.) (889) Other (103)

   Codeset Conversion
       This  version of Tru64 UNIX provides HKSCS support only for the purpose
       of codeset conversion using Big-5 encoding. The following codeset  con‐
       verter  pairs are available for converting characters between HKSCS and
       other encoding formats. Refer to iconv_intro(5) for an introduction  to
       codeset	conversion.  See  Unicode(5),  for  more information about the
       other codeset for which HKSCS is the input  or  output.	 UTF-16_HKSCS,

	      Converting from and to UTF-16 UCS-4_HKSCS, HKSCS_UCS-4

	      Converting from and to UCS-4 UTF-8_HKSCS, HKSCS_UTF-8

	      Converting from and to UTF-8

       Commands: locale(1)

       Others: i18n_intro(5), iconv_intro(5), l10n_intro(5), Unicode(5)


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