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Tcl_GetVersion(3)	    Tcl Library Procedures	     Tcl_GetVersion(3)


       Tcl_GetVersion - get the version of the library at runtime

       #include <tcl.h>

       Tcl_GetVersion(major, minor, patchLevel, type)

       int	    *major	       (out)	 Major	version	 number of the
						 Tcl library.

       int	    *minor	       (out)	 Minor version number  of  the
						 Tcl library.

       int	    *patchLevel	       (out)	 The  patch  level  of the Tcl
						 library  (or  alpha  or  beta

       Tcl_ReleaseType		       *type(out)
						 The  type  of	release,  also
						 indicates the type  of	 patch
						 level.	   Can	 be   one   of
						 TCL_BETA_RELEASE,	    or

       Tcl_GetVersion should be used to query the version number  of  the  Tcl
       library at runtime.  This is useful when using a dynamically loaded Tcl
       library or when writing a stubs-aware extension.	 For instance, if  you
       write  an  extension  that  is linked against the Tcl stubs library, it
       could be loaded into a program linked to an older version of  Tcl  than
       you  expected.  Use Tcl_GetVersion to verify that fact, and possibly to
       change the behavior of your extension.

       If may pass a NULL for any of the arguments. For instance if you do not
       care  about  the	 patchLevel of the library, pass a NULL for the patch‐
       Level argument.

       version, patchlevel, major, minor, alpha, beta, release

Tcl				      7.5		     Tcl_GetVersion(3)

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