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atom_application_symbols(5)			   atom_application_symbols(5)

       atom_application_symbols, FindObj, FindProc, FindEntry, FindInst, Find‐
       ObjDepthFirst,  GetTargetObj,  GetTargetProc,  GetTargetEntry,  GetTar‐
       getInst,	 GetTargetName - Allows an Atom tool's instrumentation routine
       to find entry points by name or from procedure calls.

       #include <cmplrs/atom.inst.h>

       Obj * FindObj(
	       const char *name ); Proc * FindProc(
	       Obj *object,
	       const char *name ); Entry * FindEntry(
	       Obj *object,
	       const char *name ); Inst * FindInst(
	       Obj *object,
	       const char *name ); Obj * FindObjDepthFirst(
	       Obj *object,
	       const char *name ); Obj * GetTargetObj(
	       Inst *inst ); Proc * GetTargetProc(
	       Inst *inst ); Entry * GetTargetEntry(
	       Inst *inst ); Inst * GetTargetInst(
	       Inst *inst ); const char * GetTargetName(
	       Inst *inst );

       The name of a procedure entry point.   An  instrumentation-time	object
       (as  returned  by  FindObj,  FindObjDepthFirst,	or  GetTargetObj) that
       defines the requested entry point. The object must have been  built  by
       calling	BuildObj(5)  before  it	 is  passed to FindProc, FindEntry, or
       FindInst.  A procedure-calling instruction (bsr, jsr, or	 interprocedu‐
       ral  branch).  It  must	be in an object that has been built by calling
       BuildObj(5). Atom raises an error if GetInstClass(5) would  not	return
       ClassSubroutine for the instruction.

       The  Find* routines resolve the named symbol.  FindObj searches for the
       named entry point in all of the objects and  returns  the  object  that
       contains	 the  entry point with the name that is specified. It uses the
       same breadth-first algorithm as	the  linker  to	 resolve  the  symbol.
       FindProc	 returns the procedure that contains a main or alternate entry
       point with the specified name in the given object.   FindEntry  returns
       the  main or alternate entry point with the specified name in the given
       object.	FindInst returns the first instruction at the address  of  the
       resolved	 symbol	 with the specified name in the given object. An error
       is printed if FindProc, FindEntry, or FindInst  is  passed  an  unbuilt


       The  FindProc and FindEntry APIs will always resolve a hidden symbol to
       the application's hidden symbol.	 To  find  hidden  symbols  in	shared
       libraries,  navigate  the shared library and use strcmp() on the proce‐
       dure or entry name.  The __INIT_00_ and __FINI_00_ routines  are	 exam‐
       ples of hidden symbols.

       FindObjDepthFirst conducts a depth-first search for the specified entry
       point name in the context of an object that was linked with the -B sym‐
       bolic  option.  If  the	specified object was not linked that way, Atom
       will search breadth-first. The object that contains the entry point  is
       returned. The specified object may or may not be built.

       The  GetTarget*	routines  resolve the target of a procedure call (bsr,
       jsr, or interprocedural branch).	 GetTargetObj returns the object  con‐
       taining the target of the procedure call. The target object need not be
       built.  GetTargetName returns the name of the entry point that  is  the
       target  of  the	instruction.  GetTargetProc returns the procedure con‐
       taining the target.  GetTargetEntry returns the entry point that is the
       target.	 GetTargetInst	returns the instruction to which the specified
       instruction jumps or branches. An error is  printed  by	GetTargetProc,
       GetTargetEntry,	or  GetTargetInst  if  the target instruction is in an
       unbuilt object. No error is reported by GetTargetObj  or	 GetTargetName
       if the target is in an unbuilt object, so the resulting object and name
       can be passed to FindProc, FindEntry, or FindInst to fully resolve  the
       target once the object has been built.

       The functions return the object, procedure, entry point, instruction or
       name to which the linker resolved the given  name  or  procedure	 call.
       They  return  NULL  if the symbol that they are seeking cannot be found
       (for example, if the named symbol is not defined in the application, or
       if a computed jump has many possible targets).

       A  tool	can  build  all the objects that comprise an application, then
       instrument them, and then write them out. This is  the  most  efficient
       way  to	use  the  Find*	 or  GetTarget* routines, because the named or
       called Proc, Entry, or Inst will be in an object that has  been	built.
       However,	 there may be other issues, such as memory use, that make this
       scheme impractical.  The typical technique of building,	instrumenting,
       and writing one object at a time avoids such issues, but procedure call
       targets	in  other  objects  cannot  be	provided  without  potentially
       rebuilding  the	target	object.	 Named symbols in other objects can be
       found by first calling FindObj to get  the  defining  object  and  then
       finding	the  Proc,  Entry,  or Inst once the object has its turn to be

       Commands: atom(1)

       Functions: atom_application_instrumentation(5),	atom_application_navi‐
       gation(5),     atom_application_query(5),     atom_description_file(5),
       atom_instrumentation_routines(5), atom_object_management(5),  AnalHeap‐
       Base(5), Thread(5), Xlate(5)

       Programmer's Guide


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