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Tcl_GetOpenFile(3)	    Tcl Library Procedures	    Tcl_GetOpenFile(3)


       Tcl_GetOpenFile - Get a standard IO File * handle from a channel. (Unix

       #include <tcl.h>

       Tcl_GetOpenFile(interp, string, write, checkUsage, filePtr)

       Tcl_Interp   *interp	 (in)	   Tcl	interpreter  from  which  file
					   handle is to be obtained.

       char	    *string	 (in)	   String identifying channel, such as
					   stdin or file4.

       int	    write	 (in)	   Non-zero means  the	file  will  be
					   used	 for  writing,	zero  means it
					   will be used for reading.

       int	    checkUsage	 (in)	   If non-zero, then an error will  be
					   generated if the file wasn't opened
					   for the access indicated by write.

       ClientData   *filePtr	 (out)	   Points to word in  which  to	 store
					   pointer  to	FILE structure for the
					   file given by string.

       Tcl_GetOpenFile takes  as  argument  a  file  identifier	 of  the  form
       returned	 by  the open command and returns at *filePtr a pointer to the
       FILE structure for the file.  The write argument indicates whether  the
       FILE  pointer will be used for reading or writing.  In some cases, such
       as a channel that connects to a	pipeline  of  subprocesses,  different
       FILE  pointers  will be returned for reading and writing.  Tcl_GetOpen‐
       File normally returns TCL_OK.  If an error  occurs  in  Tcl_GetOpenFile
       (e.g.  string  didn't make any sense or checkUsage was set and the file
       wasn't opened for the access specified  by  write)  then	 TCL_ERROR  is
       returned and interp->result will contain an error message.  In the cur‐
       rent implementation checkUsage is ignored and  consistency  checks  are
       always performed.						       │

       Note that this interface is only supported on the Unix platform.

       channel, file handle, permissions, pipeline, read, write

Tcl				      8.0		    Tcl_GetOpenFile(3)

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