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EvmFilterCreate(3)					    EvmFilterCreate(3)

       EvmFilterCreate,	 EvmFilterSet, EvmFilterTest, EvmFilterIsFile, EvmFil‐
       terReadFile, EvmFilterDestroy - Event filter evaluator routines

       #include <evm/evm.h>

       EvmStatus_t EvmFilterCreate(
	       EvmFilter_t *filter_evaluator ); EvmStatus_t EvmFilterSet(
	       EvmFilter_t filter_evaluator,
	       const EvmString_t filter_string ); EvmStatus_t EvmFilterTest(
	       EvmFilter_t filter_evaluator,
	       EvmEvent_t event,
	       EvmBoolean_t *matchFlag ); EvmBoolean_t EvmFilterIsFile(
	       const char *filter_string ); char * EvmFilterReadFile(
	       const char *filter_string ); EvmStatus_t EvmFilterDestroy(
	       EvmFilter_t filter_evaluator );

       For EvmFilterCreate() this is the return handle of the  instance	 of  a
       filter evaluator established.

	      For  EvmFilterSet()  this	 identifies  the filter evaluator that
	      will use the filter_string in subsequent matches.

	      For EvmFilterTest() this identifies the  filter  evaluator  that
	      will compare the supplied event with the filter string.

	      For  EvmFilterDestroy()  this identifies the filter evaluator to
	      be destroyed.  The filter string to be used by the filter evalu‐
	      ator  in subsequent matches. See the EvmFilter(5) reference page
	      for the syntax.  The event to be compared with the filter string
	      currently	 associated  with  the	filter	evaluator.  The result
	      obtained when the supplied event is  compared  with  the	filter
	      string  currently associated with the filter evaluator. Possible
	      return values  are  as  follows:	The  event  matches  the  fil‐
	      ter_string.  The event does not match the filter_string.

       The  filter  evaluation	routines  are  used  to check whether an event
       matches a given event filter. Although most EVM clients do not need  to
       use  these  functions  directly, they are useful to clients that pass a
       complex filter to the EVM daemon, and then test incoming events against
       subcomponents of the filter to determine the appropriate action.

       The EvmFilterCreate() routine establishes an instance of a filter eval‐
       uator, returning a handle in filter_evaluator.

       The EvmFilterSet() routine passes a filter_string to the filter_evalua‐
       tor to be used in subsequent matches.

       The  EvmFilterTest()  routine compares the supplied event with the fil‐
       ter_string currently associated with the filter_evaluator.  The	result
       is  returned  in	 matchFlag. Possible return values are as follows: The
       event matches the filter_string.	 The event does	 not  match  the  fil‐

       The indirect filter syntax, @filename, is supported by the EvmFilterIs‐
       File() and EvmFilterReadFile() routines. Programs which	support	 indi‐
       rect filters may use EvmFilterIsFile() to determine whether a user-sup‐
       plied filter string is indirect, and, if so, can	 then  use  EvmFilter‐
       ReadFile() to expand the file to a regular filter string.

       EvmFilterIsFile()  returns  EvmTRUE  if the supplied filter_string uses
       indirect filter notation, and EvmFALSE otherwise.

       EvmFilterReadFile() interprets the supplied filter_string, and attempts
       to open and read the referenced file, returning a pointer to heap space
       memory containing the expanded filter string. The caller is responsible
       for  freeing  the memory when it is no longer needed.  NULL is returned
       if an error was encountered while reading the file. Note	 that  EvmFil‐
       terReadFile()  does not attempt to validate the filter string contained
       in the file.

       The EvmFilterDestroy() routine destroys the  filter_evaluator,  freeing
       all associated resources.


       The  operation  was completed without error.  A filter string passed to
       the filter evaluator was syntactically invalid.	One of	the  arguments
       to the function was invalid.  A value in a structure member is invalid.
       An operation failed because an attempt to acquire heap  memory  failed.
       An  attempt  was	 made  to use a filter evaluator without first calling
       EvmFilterSet() to provide an initial filter string.   A	filter	string
       passed  to  the filter evaluator was syntactically invalid.  An attempt
       to read a filter file failed.


       EVM Support Library (libevm.so, libevm.a)


       Files: kevm(7)

       Event Management: EVM(5)

       EVM Events: EvmEvent(5)

       Event Filter: EvmFilter(5)


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