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Date::Manip::Changes6(User Contributed Perl DocumentatDate::Manip::Changes6(3)

       Date::Manip::Changes6 - changes in Date::Manip 6.xx

       This describes the changes made to the Date::Manip module in the 6.xx
       series of releases.  Major changes are marked with asterisks (*).

       For the most part, Date::Manip has remained backward compatible at
       every release, but occasionally, a change is made which is backward
       incompatible. These are marked with an exclamation mark (!).

VERSION 6.24 (2011-06-13)
       New features
	   Spaces are ignored in the SetDate/ForceDate config values.  Zsban

       Bug fixes
	   Fixed a bug where 'in one week' wasn't correctly parsed.  E. M.

	   Fixed a bug where options passed in to the 'new' as a listref
	   weren't handled properly.  Zsban Ambrus

       Time zone fixes
	   Newest zoneinfo data (tzdata 2011g)

VERSION 6.23 (2011-04-15)
       (!) Renamed one Date::Manip::Recur method
	   The Date::Manip::Recur::base method has been renamed to basedate .
	   The Date::Manip::Recur::base method should return the
	   Date::Manip::Base object like all the other Date::Manip modules.

       (*) Reworked holidays defined as recurrences
	   Improved dealing with the bootstrap problem of defining holidays,
	   especially those that contain business day flags.  Mike Tonks

       New features
	   The printf function will now take multiple format strings and
	   return a list of values.  Zsban Ambrus

       Bug fixes
	   Fixed a bug where GlobalCnf wasn't working.	Peter Edwards

	   Improved error messages in a few cases.

	   Fixed a bug where one invalid date/timezone check was ignored.
	   Morten Bjornsvik

	   Fixed a bug where '$base2 = new Date::Manip::Base $base1' wasn't
	   working.  RT 67143

	   Fixed a bug where passing dates in to the Recur->dates method
	   failed.  RT 67144

	   Fixed a bug where the mode wasn't being preserved correctly for a
	   delta.  RT 67150

	   Fixed a bug in recurrences where a base date outside of a date
	   range with a very uncommon recurrence format would not work

	   Fixed a problem where the '%s' printf option didn't work in GMT.
	   Jean-Michel Hiver

       Time zone fixes
	   Newest zoneinfo data (tzdata 2011f)

       Documentation fixes
	   Fixed two bad recurrence examples in the documentation.  Peter
	   Edwards and Mike Tonks

VERSION 6.22 (2011-03-07)
       Time zone fixes
	   Newest zoneinfo data (tzdata 2011b)

	   Fixed a bug where the gmtoff method of getting the local timezone
	   was broken.	Martin Zinser.

	   Fixed the 'env' method of determining the local time zone to allow
	   the value to be an offset of seconds since UTC.  This allows the
	   VMS SYS$TIMEZONE_DIFFERENTIAL variable to work correctly.  Martin

	   Removed the SYS$TIMEZONE_RULE method from VMS since the value
	   stored there is not the name of a timezone (it's a rule in a non-
	   standard format).  Based on discussion with Martin Zinser.

	   Improved the order in which aliases, abbreviations, etc., are
	   tested to test current usage before non-current usage (there were a
	   few cases where old usages were getting tested before current

       Language fixes
	   The module will now die if a language module cannot be loaded (most
	   likely due to a YAML::Syck issue).  Based on discussion with Martin

       Documentation fixes
	   Added a sample config file document.	 Based on discussion with Rich

VERSION 6.21 (2011-01-10)
       New features
	   Deltas may now contain spelled out numbers, so 'in 2 weeks' and 'in
	   two weeks' will both work.  Daniel Shahaf

       Bug fixes
	   Fixed a bug where week_of_year didn't work in some cases.  Chris

	   Fixed a minor potential bug.	 Geraint Edwards.

       Time zone fixes
	   Updated windows time zone aliases.  Daniel Harding

       Language fixes
	   Added Norwegian.  Glenn Sogn

VERSION 6.20 (2010-12-01)
       (*) (!) Reworked recurrences
	   Recurrences were reworked in a (slightly) backward incompatible way
	   to improve their usefulness (and to make them conform to the
	   expected results). Most recurrences will work the same as
	   previously, but a few will differ. Most of this was suggested by
	   Jay Jacobs.

	   A recurring event is now calculated relative to the base date, NOT
	   relative to a previous event. For example, if a recurrence occurs
	   every month, and the base date was Jan 31, then previously,
	   recurring events would have been (in a non-leap year):

	      D(0)		     = Jan 31
	      D(1)  = D(0) + 1 month = Feb 28
	      D(2)  = D(1) + 1 month = Mar 28

	   The new behavior is:

	      D(0)			 = Jan 31
	      D(1)  = D(0) + 1*(1 month) = Feb 28
	      D(2)  = D(0) + 2*(1 month) = Mar 31

	   Previously, if a base date were not specified, it was not
	   determined from the date range. Now, the start date of the date
	   range acts as the base date.

	   The meaning of the base date has changed slightly. It is much more
	   meaningful and useful now.

	   Added iterator functions.  Daniel LaLiberte

	   The RecurNumFudgeDays variable is no longer used and is deprecated.

       Time zone fixes
	   Newest zoneinfo data (tzdata 2010o)

VERSION 6.14 (2010-10-20)
       Date::Manip 5.xx fully integrated with 6.xx
	   Date::Manip 5.xx and 6.xx are both installed automatically, and the
	   correct one will be chosen.

       Bug fixes
	   Fixed a bug where recurrence handling was broken.  RT 62128

       Documentation fixes
	   A lot of documentation was cleaned up to be easier to read, and
	   better organized.

VERSION 6.13 (2010-10-13)
       New features
	   Added the input methods to Date::Manip::Date and
	   Date::Manip::Delta.	Ed Avis.

	   The 'date +%z' command will also be used to determine the timezone.
	   Oliver Schulze

       Bug fixes
	   Several changes to try to get rid of a memory leaks reported in RT
	   54937.  Huge thanks to BrowserUK on perlmonks for help.
	   Unfortunately, it ended up being a bug in perl, and will only be
	   resolved when that bug is fixed. See the Date::Manip::Problems
	   document for more information.

	      Reorganized Base/TZ to get rid of circular references.
	      Added end blocks to clean some global variables.
	      Got rid of switch/given structures.

	   Fixed a bug where an incomplete date with 'last' in it was causing
	   an error.  RT 60138

	   Fixed a bug where 'Sunday, 9th Jan 1972' wasn't parsed correctly.
	   RT 57832

       Time zone fixes
	   Fixed a bug where was generated with the abbreviations in
	   the wrong order.  Amish Chana.

       Language fixes
	   French month abbreviations now support periods.  Bernard Haerri

       Test fixes
	   Added tests from RT 29655 to make sure that the problem never

       Documentation fixes
	   Fixed documentation problem with the new_* methods in
	   Date::Manip::Obj.  Options must be passed in as \@opts rather than

	   Cleaned up some of the documentation.

VERSION 6.12 (2010-09-27)
       (!) IntCharSet config variable deprecated
	   With better support for international character sets, the old
	   IntCharSet config variable (which was a bandaid at best) is
	   deprecated. Currently, the functionality still exists, but it will
	   be removed at some point.

       New features
	   Added the Encoding config variable.

	   Now supports parsing the EXIF date format.  Rhesa Rozendaal

       Bug fixes
	   Fixed Build.PL to not require perl 5.010 since the distribution as
	   a whole does not require that (and I want that fact to be in

	   Fixed a bug where the Date::Manip::Date::set method was broken when
	   setting individual fields.  Helmut A. Bender

	   Fixed a bug where set didn't work in Date::Manip::Delta. Patch
	   provided in RT 59096.

       Time zone fixes
	   Newest zoneinfo data (tzdata 2010m)

       Language fixes
	   (*) Converted all language files to UTF-8 and added rudimentary
	   support for character encodings. Some assistance by Stephen

	   Fixed problem in Polish, Dutch.  Stephen Ostermiller

	   Extended support for 'nth' up to 53rd.  Paco Regodon

	   Added some corrections to German.  Dieter Lange

       Documentation fixes
	   Clarified Date::Manip::Recur documentation based on RT 59132.

VERSION 6.11 (2010-04-30)
       Bug fixes
	   Fixed a problem in Build.PL that had an incorrect module

VERSION 6.10 (2010-04-29)
       (*) Combined 5.xx and 6.xx releases into one distribution
	   Because the automatic module management tools cpan/cpanp would try
	   to upgrade Date::Manip to the most recent version, and the most
	   recent version will only work if perl 5.10.0 or higher is
	   installed, both the 5.xx and 6.xx releases are now combined into a
	   single distribution.

	   This is described more fully in the Date::Manip::Problems document.

       (!) Zones specified by offset
	   In all operations involving time zones, the time zone must be
	   determined.	By default, it would take all of the information
	   available (date, ISDST, etc.) and determine the most likely time
	   zone. It would take every time zone that matched each piece of
	   information, starting with those that matched in a standard time
	   followed by those that matched in a daylight saving time.

	   When zones are specified by an offset, a standard time would always
	   match since there are standard time zones that match all year long
	   (the military time zones A-Z and the standard time zones of the
	   form Etc/GMT+01). As a result, a daylight saving time match would
	   never occur.

	   Since (if the date falls during a daylight saving time period) you
	   usually want to use a time zone that has that offset in daylight
	   saving time, the default is now to check daylight saving time zones
	   first, followed by standard times.

	   See the Date::Manip::TZ manual (under the zone method) for more

       Bug fixes
	   Fixed a bug where Date_ConvTZ not working correctly with time zones
	   specified by offset.	 Chris Butler

	   Fixed a bug where business mode calculations involving minutes was
	   not handled correctly.  Damien Moore

	   Fixed a bug where business mode calculations failed in some cases.
	   RT 56638

       Time zone fixes
	   Newest zoneinfo data (tzdata 2010i)

	   Changed Date::Manip::TZ::zone so "dst" is sometimes the default
	   $dstflag.  Based on the bug report by Chris Butler.

	   OpenUNIX puts a colon at the start of some time zones. It's
	   removed.  Jean Hassler

       Test fixes
	   Converted tests to Test::Inter

       Documentation fixes
	   Fixed a documentation bug in Date::Manip::TZ where "stdonly" was
	   listed as the default value for $dstflag, but in actuality, "std"
	   is the default.

VERSION 6.07 (2010-02-05)
       Bug fixes
	   Fixed bug in Date_TimeZone where it wasn't returning the time zone.
	   Robert Eden

VERSION 6.06 (2010-02-05)
       Bug fixes
	   Minor bug where %Z printf format didn't always work.

	   Added support for 5pm back in (it was omitted accidentally).	 Mark

	   Fixed a minor warning.  Morten Bjoernsvik

	   Some additional speedups.

       Time zone fixes
	   Newest zoneinfo data (tzdata 2010b)

	   Added dm_zdump example script.

	   Improved TZ::periods functionality

	   Fixed bug in Date_ConvTZ where empty values weren't defaulting to
	   local time zone.  Robert Eden

	   Fixed a couple of problems in the generated time zones for some odd
	   cases (America/Resolute and Asia/Tehran).

VERSION 6.05 (2009-12-09)
       (!) %z format
	   In Date::Manip 5.xx, the %z format in UnixDate printed the offset
	   in the form -0500. In 6.00, I changed that to -05:00:00, but this
	   broke RFC 822 compliance.

	   I've changed %z back to -0500, and introduced a new format (%N)
	   which returns -05:00:00.

	   Incidentally, this is the LAST unused letter, so I am now going to
	   have to either stop adding formats, or add some extended format
	   syntax. Not sure yet which, but this may involve a backwards
	   incompatible change in the future.

       (*) Significant speedups.
	   Thanks to Moritz Lenz and BrowserUK on perlmonks for suggestions
	   (and a number of other people on perlmonks for suggestions that I
	   did not end up using, but which provided a great discussion).

       Bug fixes
	   Fixed a bug in parse_date where the current time was getting used
	   instead of the documented 00:00:00

	   Bug fix where DateCalc didn't work with $mode in some cases.

	   Fixed Makefile.PL/Build.PL to handle Win32::TieRegistry

	   Changed %z printf behavior back to 5.xx and added %N format. Gilles

	   Added dm_date example script.

       Time zone fixes
	   Fixed bug where non-English Windows versions didn't get the time
	   zone. Thanks to Rene Schickbauer for testing.

       Test fixes
	   Reduced the precision of 1 test to avoid a rounding difference when
	   using a perl compiled with uselongdouble.  Andreas Koenig

VERSION 6.04 (2009-11-25)
       Bug fixes
	   Fixed a bug where events were not interpreted in the correct time
	   zone if SetDate/ForceDate used.

VERSION 6.03 (2009-11-24)
       Bug fixes
	   Corrects a backward incompatibility with UnixDate. Rene Schickbauer

       Test fixes
	   A couple more corrections to the tests.

VERSION 6.02 (2009-11-24)
       Bug fixes
	   Disabled curr_zone_methods when taint checking on. I believe that
	   Date::Manip is completely taint friendly at this point.

       Test fixes
	   A quick fix to make sure that the tests run correctly in other time

VERSION 6.01 (2009-11-23)
       Bug fixes
	   (*) Fixed a bug where dates were sometimes getting the wrong time
	   zone when SetDate/ForceDate in effect.

VERSION 6.00 (2009-11-23)
       Date::Manip 6.00 is a total rethink of the module, and a nearly
       complete rewrite. Please refer to the Date::Manip::Changes5to6 document
       for a list of incompatible changes.

	   (*) Massive reorganization and near total rewrite.

	   (*) Broke into several smaller modules

       New Features
	   (*) Full time zone support (using tzdata 2009s)

	   Added some functionality (suggested by James Elson to improve
	   setting the "current time".	Done with the ForceDate config

	   (*) Converted languages to YAML for much easier maintenance. Patch
	   and suggestion provided by Evan Carroll

	   Added much better formats for deltas. Suggested by Jim Hranicky.

	   Borrowed the _FindWindowsTZName function from the DateTime-TimeZone

	   Added SetDate config variable (based on a suggestion by Christian

	   Added parse_format which was first suggested by Kim Ryan.

       Other changes
	   Several config variables deprecated

	   Thanks to Jonathan Hogue for helping test Windows additions.

       Bug fixes (correcting problems in the 5.xx releases)
	   Fixed a bug where "YYtoYYYY=c" wouldn't work.

	   VMS bugfix to not call `date` command.  Lane

	   New Year's Day defined using a recurrence which might push the
	   observed day to the previous year was broken. Reported by Jerry

       Language fixes
	   Fixed typo in Turkish translation.

	   Spelling fix in Dutch. Bart Van Loon

       Additional credits
	   I have received many suggestions over time which were automatically
	   handled during the 6.00 rewrite. Although the changes weren't made
	   because of the suggestions specifically, I wanted to acknowledge
	   them since I appreciate the suggestions.

	   I believe the first person to suggest writing Date::Manip as an OO
	   module was Eduard Derksen.

	   Delta_Format initialization done outside of the function.  Eric

	   Added $subtract to calculation routines. First suggested by Steve

	   Added ability to set individual parts of the date
	   (Date::Manip::Date::set).  First suggested by Martin Thurn.

	   UnixDate (i.e. Date::Manip::Date::printf) only calculates formats
	   when they are needed.  Eduard Derksen

	   Parsing will skip some date/time formats if requested. This was
	   first suggested by Eduard Derksen.

	   It has been suggested several times to support multiple languages,
	   multiple config files, or multiple sets of Date_Init options. These
	   suggestions (by Meng Fang, Ed Avis, Christian Campbell, and perhaps
	   others) were at the back of my mind as I developed the
	   Date::Manip::Base class.

	   The regular expressions are all i18n friendly in anticipation of
	   much better support for localization. First suggested by Alex

	   Parsing a date ('today', 'Monday') gives a time of '00:00:00'.
	   Suggested by Mark Aitchison.

       Please refer to the Date::Manip::Problems documentation for information
       on submitting bug reports or questions to the author.

       Date::Manip	  - main module documentation

       This script is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it
       under the same terms as Perl itself.

       Sullivan Beck (

perl v5.10.1			  2011-12-10	      Date::Manip::Changes6(3)

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