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Data(4)								       Data(4)

       Data - Contains data to be sent to remote systems


       Data  (D.*)  files contain the data to be sent to remote systems by the
       uucp uucico daemon. The full pathname of a data file is a form  of  the
       following: /usr/spool/uucp/SystemName/D.SystemNamexxxx###

       where  the  SystemName directory and the SystemName portion of the file
       name indicate the name of the remote system.  The xxxx###  notation  is
       the  hexadecimal	 sequence number of the Command (C.*)  file associated
       with that data file; for example, D.venus471afd8.

       After a set period of time  (specified  by  the	uusched	 daemon),  the
       uucico  daemon  transfers  the  data file to the designated system.  It
       places the original data file in a subdirectory of  the	uucp  spooling
       directory named /usr/spool/uucp/SystemName, where the SystemName direc‐
       tory is named for the computer that is transmitting the file, and  cre‐
       ates a Temporary (TM.*)	file to hold the original data file.

       After  receiving	 the  entire file, the uucp program takes one of three
       actions: If the file was sent with the uucp command and there  were  no
       transfer	 problems, the program immediately renames the TM.*  file with
       the appropriate data filename, such as D.venus471afd8, and sends it  to
       the specified destination.  If the file was sent with the uuto command,
       the uucp program also renames the temporary data file with  the	appro‐
       priate  D.*   filename.	 It  then  places  the data file in the public
       directory /usr/spool/uucppublic, where the user receives the data  file
       and  handles  it with one of the uupick command options.	 If there were
       transfer problems (such as a failed login or  an	 unavailable  device),
       the  temporary  data  file  remains  in the spooling subdirectory.  The
       uudemon.cleanu command, a shell script, removes these  files  automati‐
       cally at specified intervals, or they can be removed manually.

       Describes  accessible  remote  systems Contains uucp command, data, and
       execute files Contain instructions for file transfers Store data	 files
       temporarily after they have been transferred to a remote system Contain
       files that the uucp program has transferred

       Daemons: uucico(8), uusched(8), uuxqt

       Commands: uucp(1), uupick(1), uuto(1), uux(1), uudemon(4)


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